Assange Turned Down Sharing Dirt on Russia

According to a newly released Foreign Policy report, leaked communications show Wikileaks declined to release a cache of hacked Russian documents in the summer of 2016, dismissing the only partially published records as “already public.” While there will be plenty of talk about this being proof of founder Julian Assange’s loyalties to Russia, it most prominently displays his general hypocrisy and self-interest. Read More >>

French Presidential Campaign Claims ‘Massive Hack’ 

Fears of a hacking campaign targeting centrist French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron came to fruition in a last minute information dump Friday evening. The leaked memos and emails appeared online just hours before a legally-required midnight media blackout on election coverage. Voters will head to the polls on Sunday amidst confusion over what information the hacked documents actually contain. Read More >>

Oh Great, Bots are Already Screwing With the U.S. Election

An odd thing occurred on the FBI’s Record Vault Twitter account on 31st October, drawing conspiracy theorists out of the woodwork. After months of being almost dormant, the bot-powered account started firing out tweets related to various Clinton scandals. Now, the FBI has launched an internal review to determine how its procedures went wrong. Read More >>

What Made-Up/Hard Words Did Americans Look up During the US Debate?

The social media team at dictionary maker Merriam-Webster had another big night last night, with the staff of the words book doing a great job of explaining what the hard words people used in the US presidential debate -- and the semi-English of the Trump -- actually meant. Read More >>

Here’s Hillary Clinton Working Out How a Fax Machine Works

Last night, the US State Department released a trove of Hillary Clinton’s emails from her time as secretary of state. Among the gems being uncovered is this terse exchange is a wonderful insight into trying to use a fax machine back in 2009. Read More >>

Bill Clinton Lost the Frigging Nuclear Codes While President

So, did you know that Bill Clinton couldn't even keep track of the US nuclear codes, let alone his mistresses? According to a former US General, Clinton managed to "misplace" the codes for a matter of months, something described as "a big deal". That's a teensy bit of an understatement. Read More >>