Iron Man 3
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So That’s Why the Mandarin Blew the Crap Out of Iron Man’s Malibu House

We've seen a snippet of this clip before in one of the trailers, but now Disney's released the first full clip from Iron Man 3. No wonder Stark's place got blown to smithereens. Everyone knows you just don't give out your home address to madmen and then taunt them to come visit you. Idiot. Read More >>

Star Trek Into Darkness
Full Star Trek Trailer: You May Nerdgasm When Ready

It's here. After the first teaser trailer, we got to see the full one. This one really goes up to Warp 11. So who is the bad guy? Gizmodo reader Thomas Steves has a very good theory, which is supported by some strong evidence and logic: Read More >>

Look at This Badass F-35 High Angle of Attack Testing Video

Time for some airplane porn: Lockheed Martin has completed high angle of attack testing for the F-35A Lightning II. The aircraft was able to get to its 50 degree limit with ease: Read More >>

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This Video Filmed By an Aircraft Carrier Crew Looks Better Than Top Gun

Beautiful timelapses and awesome angles shot with GoPros inside F-18 cockpits. That's what you will find in this video filmed by the men and women of the US Navy. I'm amazed at the skill of these people. It starts slow, but keep watching and it soon gets awesome. Worth of a Top Gun reboot. Read More >>

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First Video from Space Jump Daredevil’s Body Camera

German TV channel Servus got its hands on the first footage from brave Felix Baumgartner's suit camera as he descended to Earth. It starts right after the jump and shows the moment in which Felix breaks the speed of sound and spins out of control. Read More >>

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Amazing Video of the Record-Shattering Space Jump: “I’m Going Home Now”

He did it! That crazy awesome Felix Baumgartner jumped off the edge of the space, from 127,000 feet of altitude all the way back down to Earth, breaking two world records in the process. Watch as he jumps of the capsule. It's a frightening, adrenaline-fueled, historic moment. Read More >>

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Pentagon’s New Mechanical Horse Is Smart Enough to Follow Its Masters

Boston Dynamics keeps refining its Legged Squad Support System, the robotic quadruped descendant of the good old and creepy Big Dog. The new version of the eerie mechanical horse, which will aid US Marine squads once finished, got some cool upgrades. Read More >>

Seven Years In the Life of One of the Engineers of the Mars Curiosity Rover

With all the excitement of the seven minutes of terror and glory, it's easy to forget that there were seven years of suffering and hard work to make it all happen. Seven years of the life of people like Adam Steltzner or our friend Mark Rober, the iPad costume guy. Read More >>

Is This the Best Video Chat Prank Ever? I Think So

The people who made this Chatroulette—yes, it still works—prank think it is the best one ever. I agree. They put a sexy girl on their end, looking for wankers while broadcasting the screen to the biggest outdoor city festival in Europe. Read More >>

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This Head Trip Is the Freakiest Thing You’ll See This Week

Mixing equal parts artistic whimsy and macabre horror, French artistic collective LORN has crafted this impressive piece of zombie porn, titled "Ghosst(s)". The film was directed by CRCR and produced by Sonlan Tran of QUAD. Read More >>

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Bodacious Longboarding Babes Dominate a Downhill

Watch Anna and her friend utterly destroy a hill as part of the Maryhill Freeride 2012. The girls are gorgeous, the scenery is gorgeous, and the ride itself is sublime. Best of all, nobody rivets out and bails. And extra props to the cameraman for filming and skating the course simultaneously. [BoingBoing] Read More >>

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Stunning Rivers of Lava Making an Ocean of Lava

I get transfixed watching rivers of lava flow, either fast and fluid, or growing in slow motion, like the living rocks at 1 minute and 53 seconds in this video. And that terrifying crackling. Read More >>

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This Is What Happens When You Light a Huge Pile of 40,000 Fire Crackers Up

The only way this could be more enjoyable is using 80,000 fire crackers in that pile. OK, make it 160,000 and I will be totally happy. [Thanks Karl!] Read More >>

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I Feel Panic Just Watching These Suicidal Mountain Bikers Go

Watch these nutters riding their mountain bikes down the the tiniest cliff path possible. If you don't get unnerved, you are probably as crazy as they are or have no self-preservation instinct whatsoever. [Stellar via Kottke] Read More >>