For One Magical Moment, Microsoft’s Clippy Rose From the Dead

If you were using Microsoft Word in the late ‘90s, you probably remember Clippy, the anthropomorphic paperclip who popped up from time to time in order to offer tips on how to better use Microsoft Office. That is, until Microsoft demoted Clippy with the introduction of Office XP in 2001, only to finally kill him in 2007. Love him or hate him, Clippy’s been effectively dead ever since – until earlier this week when Microsoft briefly resurrected him for about a day before killing him again. Read More >>

Metal Paper Clips Banned By NHS Health and Safety Police Because They’re Just Too Dangerous

If anyone has ever said that health and safety isn't just a little overreaching in the UK, this should put that to bed. NHS Manchester has "prohibited" the use of metal paperclips "due to recent incidents", issuing a demand that they must be "disposed of immediately" -- Clippy must be turning in his grave. Read More >>