Google Adds AI That Automatically Stops You From Filling Your Pixel 3 With Selfie Rubbish

Take a peek at your smartphone’s camera roll and you’ll probably find hundreds of duplicate shots, all snapped while trying to take the perfect selfie. To remedy this, Google is bringing some new AI smarts to its camera app so that it only takes a photo when everyone is selfie-ready. Read More >>

Crying Lost Girl Turns Out to be Evil Monster in Vídeos Hilários

This clip here shows why it's best to leave people crying and dying in the street while you carry on listening to your tunes and munching a kebab on the other side of the road. It's a lost girl, all sad and on her own, made up with a berserk devil face to teach troublesome good Samaritans to keep their noses out of other people's business. Hilários indeed. [Huffington Post] Read More >>

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The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: The End

Until we get a better handle on this whole time travel matter—and stop letting Jean-Claude Van Damme and Bruce Willis near the machines—we can only speculate as to what really caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Animator Chris Meyer explores five of the more exotic theories/wild guesses in this delightfully deadly short. Read More >>

Inside a Boeing Engineer’s Impossibly Small Dream Pad

Steve Sauer, Seattle resident and Boeing aircraft interior designer, was simply looking for some storage space when he found the tiny room that would become his home. But at just 182 square feet, these DIY living quarters required a decade of work, countless hours of wrangling with city planners, and just about all of Sauer's engineering expertise. Read More >>

Facebook Testing Video Auto-Play to Save You Having to Press a Thing

Facebook's announced a plan to change the way videos work on its news feeds, with clips soon to start automatically playing should you linger on them while scrolling past. Think of the incredibly minor amounts of inconvenience that will avoid. Read More >>

This Downtown Tokyo Office Tower Contains a Vibrant Vertical Farm

In technology-obsessed Japan, farming doesn't exactly top the list of desirable jobs. But a staffing company in Tokyo's financial district is using its own office space to illustrate cutting-edge horticultural techniques and inspire a new generation of urban farmers. Read More >>

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Xbox One’s Game DVR Game Capture Locked at 720p Resolution

Xbox One's built-in game footage buffer is limited to recording at 720p/30fps resolution, regardless of how high-res the actual game you're actually playing may be. Read More >>

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Xbox One Constantly Buffers Only Your Last Five Minutes of Play to the PS4’s 15

Microsoft has explained a little more about its plans for Xbox One to work as your own little gameplay DVR, confirming that it'll continuously bugger buffer the last five minutes of your action so you can edit it, watch it again and share it to people who probably won't be particularly interested in seeing your amazing kill. Read More >>

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Take a Hypnotic Trip on Tokyo’s Automatic Rails

You are not watching CGI. Despite the kaleidoscope of colours and shapes rising from the infinite horizon, this is all real footage of the 12-mile Yurikamome line in Tokyo. Hold onto your butts. Read More >>

Batman Apparently Lives in Florida and Is Racing the Gumball 3000

Having captured the Joker, offed Two-Face, faked his own death, and passed the crimefighting torch to a new generation, Bruce Wayne is a man with a lot of time on his hands. So what better way to enjoy retirement than to drive this Tumbler across the US in the annual Gumball 3000 rally? Read More >>

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F-16s Are Even More Awesome from the Inside

Goose only wishes he had moves like these. This stunning dash cam footage from an F-16 attached to the USAF 51st Wing captured some intense aerial action at the recent Red Flag-Alaska exercises—including mid-air refuellings, targeted bomb strikes, low-altitude flybys, and even a cameo appearance by a B-2 stealth bomber.[The Aviationist] Read More >>

Iron Man 3
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Apparently The Avengers Was a Little Too Much For Tony Stark

If you haven't seen Iron Man 3 yet, here's a little clip to put you in the mood. Apparently all that alien bashing, with a God for a sidekick, was all a bit too much for poor Stark. Now he can't sleep. I feel ya Tony, I can't sleep either. But then, I don't have billions of pounds to spend on whatever I want and a suit that you can actually fly like Superman in. Get over it you big baby! Read More >>

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Kirk’s Tight Squeeze Is Even Slimmer Than You’d Think

We've seen a small smidgen of this clip before in one of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailers, but it's a heck of a lot of a tighter squeeze than we realised. If only they'd fitted the thing with guns. Read More >>

Star Trek Into Darkness
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Oh Yes, Bones Is Still Awesome in Star Trek Into Darkness

Little did anyone realise that Star Trek was actually a show about a grumpy old doctor, thrust into space against his will. Yeah, Kirk and Spock stole the spotlight, but it's really all about Bones. Oh, and Scotty. But not Uhura, obviously. Lucky that Karl Urban is awesome as the good doctor, then. Read More >>

Watch This Photoshop Jedi Turn a 16-Bit Super Metroid Screenshot Into a Stunning High-Res Masterpiece

Photoshop savant and Deviant Art member Elemental79 is back with another mind-blowing timelapse as he turns a screenshot from the 1994 16-bit classic Super Metroid into a high-res work of art. Read More >>