Novotel is Doing Breakfast in Bed for Mother’s Day

The beginning of British Summer Time falls on Mother's Day this year, which seems a bit unfair – mums don't get enough sleep as it is, without the relentless hand of time snatching back another hour. Read More >>

CES 2019: Lenovo and Google Figured Out the Perfect Alarm Clock

It took a couple of years, but we finally have the perfect application of Google Assistant—an alarm clock. The Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant looks like a sibling to Google’s Home Hub and Home Mini. Only instead of being a hub for smart home control, or a dinky speaker with Google Assistant built in, its primary function is as a Google Assistant powered alarm clock. Read More >>

This Custom-Built Clock Tells Time With a Glowing City Skyline

Long before we relied on smartphones, smartwatches, or even mechanical clocks to keep us on schedule, humans simply looked towards the sky to figure out what time it was. Rich Nelson has rekindled that idea with a custom clock he designed and built, using ever-changing LED lighting and a simulated sun and moon to vaguely express the time of day. Read More >>

This Guy Figured Out How to Turn an Old Kindle Into the Perfect Clock for Book Nerds

If that drawer full of neglected, outdated gadgets in your desk happens to include a Kindle, Jaap Meijers has come up with a clever way to put it back into service. His girlfriend, an avid reader and English literature teacher, wanted a clock for their living room, so Meijers hacked an older model Kindle to display the time using actual literary quotes. Read More >>

european union
Citizens of the EU Are Being Given the Chance to Vote Down Daylight Saving Time

The European Commission is giving citizens of the European Union the opportunity to cast their vote in a public poll that could lead to the elimination of the sleep-depraving practice of changing clocks twice a year for the sake of daylight saving time. Read More >>

Big Ben is Taking a Four Year Nap

It's no secret that Parliament is in dire need of serious renovation, and it turns out that getting everything fixed is going to affect more than just the working location of a few out of touch MPs. It's been announced that Big Ben will be taking a four year rest, with the last bong taking place next Monday at noon. Read More >>

Singing Clock Will Welcome People to Birmingham

Birmingham's doing some art, and it's quite a big and expensive one. It's a £2m singing clock, one that combines thousands of voice samples to create a unique sound for each time of day. Read More >>

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How to Build an Alarm Clock That Can Only Be Silenced by a Nerf Dart

The most dangerous object in your home isn’t the stove, the clothes iron, or that chainsaw in your garage. It’s your alarm clock’s snooze button that makes it so easy to go back to bed each morning. Silencing that alarm shouldn’t be so easy, so Christopher Guichet built an alarm clock that can only be deactivated with a perfect shot from a Nerf blaster. Read More >>

Watch the Seconds Blink By on This Freaky Eyelash Clock

If you were to stumble across this freaky ring of hairs hanging on a wall you’d probably dismiss it as another confusing piece of modern art. But if you were to give it more than just a passing glance, you’d notice that some of its hairs were moving, because it turns out this piece is actually a functional clock. Read More >>

This Insanely Priced Clock Makes Time Look Like a Sculpture

The phrase “etched in stone” usually applies to something that’s never going to change. But while the Etch clock looks like the current time has been carved into its face, every minute the etching disappears and refreshes itself, so that phrase doesn’t sound as permanent as it once did. Read More >>

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This Gigantic Working Clock Is Actually a Fleet of Lorries Driving in Circles

To maximise profit, tractor trailers need to stay on the road for as long as possible. So to show off the performance and reliability of its vehicles, lorry-maker Scania had 14 of its vehicles, manned by 90 drivers working around the clock, circle an empty airport for 24 hours straight to create a gigantic real-time clock when viewed from the air. Read More >>

Clever Clock Makes It Super Obvious Whether You Remembered to Set Your Alarm

For those of us who can’t bear the thought of spending just a few minutes away from our social networks, let alone an entire night, our bedside smartphones double as an adequate alarm clock. But for those who are able to disconnect at bedtime, Lexon’s In-Out clock is a minimal but cleverly functional way to ensure your alarm is set before you drift off to sleep. Read More >>

Dedicated Artist Films Himself Repainting This Clock Every Minute For 12 Hours Straight

Hanging over one of the lounges at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport is an unusual clock that instead of moving hands, features the work of artist Maarten Haas. For 12 straight hours the artist filmed himself painting and repainting the clock’s hour and minute hands, in real-time, minute by minute, so that it accurately displayed the time. Read More >>

Almost 4,000 Feet of String Wind Through This Pointlessly Complicated Pulley Clock 

As far as complicated clocks go, it’s going to be hard to top Felix Vorreiter’s FLUX 1440, which displays the time using a simple pulley system, and over 3,900 feet of white string covered in what looks like random marks. However, as layers of the string align inside the clock’s various pulleys, so do those random marks, revealing the current time every minute. Read More >>

2016 Will Gain an Extra Second on New Year’s Eve

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS), which sets the time which standardises the world’s clocks, just announced that it is tacking an extra second on to the end of 2016. What will you do with yours? Read More >>