google glass
Google Glass Gets a Custom Clockwork Recovery Software

Since Google Glass is basically just a smartphone taped to your head, it's no surprise that one of the staples of Android hacking, ClockworkMod Recovery, has been ported to Glass. The recovery# should let aspiring modders mess with their Glass without having to bother with the command line. This is excellent news for everyone who's ever wanted to void a warranty on their £1,100 prototype hardware. [Brian Kriebel via Slashgear] Read More >>

Android Hacker Tool ClockworkMod Now Has Mainstream-Friendly Touch Controls

If you spend your spare time huddled over mobile phone boot screens fiddling with things THEY don't want you really fiddling with, one step in the process has just got a little easier thanks to new touchscreen controls in recovery tool ClockworkMod. Read More >>