Your Synthetic Clothes May Be Polluting the Ocean

Our actions carry consequences, and that includes the clothes we buy. Off the coast of Tarragona in northeastern Spain, the waters are full of microplastics. Most come from clothing fibres, according to new research. Read More >>

Amazon’s Going to Let You Try on Clothes Before You Pay For Them

Back in the olden days you could wander into any shop to try on clothes, then dump them with an underpaid and overworked fitting room attendant. All because you decided they either didn't fit, made your bum look too big, or turned out to be Hammer pants in disguise. In the world of online shopping that doesn't really work, since you have to pay for the stuff first, see if it's good enough, and then send it back in the hopes you'll get a refund. Unless you're an Amazon Prime Member, that is. Read More >>

Boil Your Pants to Battle Moth Crisis

Moth enthusiast scientists have a bleak warning for the future of mankind and mankind's favourite skinny trousers and t-shirts. Our modern love of washing everything at lukewarm temperatures to save energy is failing to kill off moth larvae, meaning we're more likely to have our wardrobes and/or bin liners full of clothes attacked by fabric-eating insects. Read More >>

Silicon Valley Invents Shoes

Silicon Valley firms crunched their hardest in 2017 to rebrand ordinary merchandise long produced by other industries as uniquely innovative product lines. Some of them were pretty obnoxious, like Lyft’s totally-not-just-a-bus shuttle service, or WeLive’s attempt to market living in communal housing as a lived experience, or the company selling a “private pop-up space” that is literally a tent. Almost all of them felt like ideas cooked up in an ideological and economic bubble. Read More >>

black friday
FatFace Pulls Grumpy Face at Black Friday

FatFace, maker of clothes people we don't associate with buy, will not be joining in with Black Friday. It's boss is extremely down on the idea, and thinks all it does is shift customer spend from December into November. Read More >>

Union Threatens to Put Hospital Porters in Dresses Over Trouser Length Dispute

Another war over short trousers has broken out in heatwave-ravaged and angry Britain, with this latest bit of smart/casual fury centring around hospital porter Michael Wood and the case of the rolled-up work trousers. Read More >>

Your Jumper’s Killing All the Fish Now

Scientists have found another exciting way in which simply existing and wearing clothes is now a crime against the planet, with research showing that one single machine wash cycle of your extensive collection of acrylic fleeces could release as many as 730,000 tiny plastic microparticles into the environment. Read More >>

Microsoft Sells an Xbox Onesie for You to Die Wearing

This has been announced by Xbox Australia, so there's a small chance it's a weird local joke we don't understand. But it seems quite real. It's the Xbox Onesie for people who want people to know they love Xbox so much they need to physically sit inside an approximation of one. Read More >>

The Weird Methods Used to Make Brand New Jeans Look Old

This fun peek inside a factory that makes jeans from Carson Nicely shows the creative methods a manufacturer uses to create a pair of distressed denim. They spray paint colour on them, mark up some fake whiskers on the front of the pants, tumble the jeans with a bunch of rocks, and basically mutilate the hell out of a brand new pair of jeans in order to create a worn in look. Read More >>

Connected Race Suit has NFC ID Chip for Correctly Identifying the Remains

A battle against piracy of expensive sportswear has been launched by Adidas, which has released what it calls a "smart suit" for high-end racing drivers who can convince their sponsors that they need to spend £8,000 on special race day overalls. Read More >>

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Awesome Stop-Motion Animation Shows Clothes Fighting Each Other Like an Action Movie

This is just so much damn fun. Daniel Cloud Campos’ Shiny uses clothes and stop-motion animation to stitch together an action movie, with a fight scene that rivals any fight scene from The Matrix. It’s wacky and wild and clever and totally stylish in all the right ways. Read More >>

Halloween 2015’s Worst “Sexy” and “Horror” Costumes

The relentless trick-or-treat-isation of All Hallows' Eve continues apace, with the kids of 2015 now expected to dress up in shop-bought costumes at the end of October while demanding Haribo from pensioners facing the bleak choice of providing sweets for already clearly obese children or keeping the heating on. Read More >>

‘Orange is the New Black’ Fuels Dirty Pants Sales Frenzy

A plot point in Netflix's Orange is the New Black streaming series is apparently fuelling a boom in the secondhand underwear industry, with ladies realising that sad men will pay over the odds for lingerie when it's supplied pre-worn and being bought for themselves. Read More >>

What Do You Think of the New TFL Uniform?

Yesterday we saw artist's impressions of what the The London Underground could look like in the future - here's a clue: it's blue! As if you didn't have enough TFL news to fill your quotient for this week, news has emerged that Transport For London is unveiling its first uniform update in over a decade. Yes, sir, the excitement never stops. Read More >>