Show Your Disdain for Brexit With This Overpriced EU Flag Hoodie

Big fan of that whole 'European Union' thing, and utterly disgusted with the mere suggestion of Brexit? You're probably trying to hide from the reality of the current situation, and what better way to do it than spend £750 on hoodie proudly displaying the EU flag? Read More >>

Nike-Funded Study Shows Compression Tights Are Basically Useless

Compression tights are touted as enabling athletes to run faster and farther, while reducing injuries, but a new Nike-funded study — one that appears to have backfired on the clothing manufacturer — suggests these trendy items don’t work as advertised. Read More >>

These ‘Professional’ Sweatsuits Won’t Fool Anyone But Who Cares, They’re Comfortable

If the thought of having to ‘dress up’ has you skipping fancy dinner parties, or turning down promotions at work, Fruit of the Loom might have a solution for you. Its 2016 Professional Collection is a line of fleece sweatsuits printed with ‘formal’ designs that make it look like you’re actually dressed as an adult. Read More >>

Thames Valley Police May Bring Back the Classic Bobbies’ Hat to Help Short Officers

The classic British police helmet, retired from most services within the UK now, could be about to make a comeback in England, where Thames Valley police is said to be considering returning them to service so its officers stand out better when mingling with crowds of you anti capitalists. Read More >>

Pac-Man Bomber Jacket Will Remind People of All Those Ghost Battles You Fought

They might not be remembered in 75 years the same way the battles of World War II were, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proud of all the times you fought those menacing ghosts while playing Pac-Man as a kid. Now, you can commemorate your valiant deeds with this on this bomber jacket from Blues Heroes. Read More >>

Aerochromics Pollution-sensing Shirts Might Keep Your Lungs Clean

A range of clothing that says it can detect low air quality in your surroundings has the lofty ambition of becoming a "sixth sense" for mankind, letting the urban warrior of today take refuge inside a cool building when high levels of carbon monoxide or particulate pollution make their shirt change colour. Read More >>

Embrace Your Inner Crazy Cat Person With This Kitty-Carrying Hoodie

Inspired by marsupials like kangaroos, Unihabitat’s new Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie comes with an oversized pocket on the front and dangling pom-poms for entertaining a kitty. It’s sure to take you one dangerous step closer to becoming the crazy cat person you’re always mocking. Read More >>

This Slick Rain Jacket is Made of 21 Plastic Bottles

The synthetic compounds that help the fabrics used in rain jackets repel moisture have an unfortunate downside: they don’t naturally break down and are far from environmentally friendly. It’s kind of the ugly secret of the performance wear world, but Columbia has finally come up with an eco-friendly waterproof alternative. Read More >>

Outdoor Clothing Brand Turns its Labels Into Stainless Steel Survival Tools

To help reinforce the idea that its clothing is designed for rugged outdoor adventures, Columbia is turning the informational hang tags on some of its garments into stainless steel survival tools that do everything from cut wood, to fix clothing tears, to filter water. Read More >>

Amazon’s First Live Show is Tonight and it Looks Unbearable

Amazon’s first-ever live TV show will air tonight. Called Style Code Live, it will feature three exuberant presenters attempting to sell Amazon’s clothing stock. Yes, it’s a shopping channel. No, you probably won’t be able to endure it. Read More >>

star wars
You Can Now Look as Dashing as Poe Dameron in This Star Wars Replica Jacket

OK so the innate handsomeness of being Oscar Isaac isn’t included, but just as Poe’s jacket suited Finn, we’re sure anyone wearing this would get a Dameron seal of “Damn, looking good” approval. It’s that nice a jacket. Read More >>

A Clothes Drying Hanger Saves You a Trip to the Laundrette

You can quickly wash a soiled shirt in your bathroom sink, but if you don’t have a clothes dryer then you can forget about wearing it right away. Hanging it to dry takes hours, unless the hanger you’re using is actually this compact clothes dryer from Thanko. Read More >>

Adidas Is Partnering With Virgin Galactic To Design the Spaceline’s Flight Suits

Space isn’t just the next frontier for human exploration—apparently clothing brands are also looking towards the heavens. Today, Adidas revealed that its Y-3 brand will be working with Virgin Galactic to design not only the astronaut pilot’s flight suits, but the outfits for everyone at Spaceport America. (For those not familiar with the brand, Y-3 is a fashion collaboration between Adidas and designer Yohji Yamamoto.) Read More >>