Report: NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware Can Break Into Cloud Services, Transmit User Data to Server

Israeli spyware company NSO Group’s powerful Pegasus malware – the same spyware implicated in a breach of WhatsApp earlier this year – is capable of scraping a target’s data from the servers of Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, according to a report in the Financial Times on Friday. Read More >>

Google Opens Up About How Its Cloud Stores Your Secrets

Google Cloud has a whopping 20 new product announcements out this week, most of them aimed at enterprise customers—which means they probably won’t matter much to you unless you’re in the position to make IT decisions for a company. Read More >>

No, Supernovae Aren’t Changing Earth’s Climate

Weather is probably harder to understand than particle physics, given the numerous complexities that influence Earth’s atmosphere. But one researcher has published a controversial new paper that examines just how much high-energy, interstellar particles can affect Earth’s climate. Read More >>

The Best Cloud Storage For Every Need

Thanks to dropping storage prices, speedier internet, and slicker software, you’ve now got a plethora of choices when it comes to keeping your files in the cloud, safe from harm and ready on demand. Yet there are a lot of different services, and while they can all handle your storage needs, they are not all created equal. Some work better for photo fans, while others are a better option if you’re hoarding thousands of MP3s. Read More >>

Microsoft Reportedly Wants to Use DNA for Cloud Data Storage

In the not-so-distant future, next time you want to back up your work to Microsoft’s cloud, you might be storing it on a few snippets of DNA. Read More >>

RIP, Nextbit Robin cloud-based smartphone

Nextbit, maker of the Robin cloud-based smartphone, has announced that it's "joining the Razer family" - in other words, its staff and assets have been acquired by the gaming hardware company. A post announcing the move explains that "Nextbit will operate as an independent division inside Razer, focused on unique mobile design and experiences." Read More >>

Apple iCloud 2TB Option Will Slow the March of Pesky “Storage Full” Notifications

We're just a few days out from the Apple September iPhone event, and the company seems already keen to find ways to mitigate that humongous impending tax bill. It's updated its iCloud cloud storage plans to offer Apple device users a 2TB option. Read More >>

Amazon Has Launched an Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan in the UK

Tired of all the limits imposed on your cloud storage? Is the 1TB limit offered by a lot of services not enough to suit your needs? Well good news! Amazon has announced that, as of today, people in the UK can get unlimited cloud storage with Amazon Cloud Drive. Read More >>

Helium Is The Secret Behind Seagate’s New 10TB Hard Drives

Advances in regular hard drive tech are still very important, especially in the enterprise space. No, James Kirk doesn’t need more gigabytes to keep his extraterrestrial porn collection — but the cloud does need more bits to hold your dirty pictures and videos and the odd work document. And so, we now have drives filled with helium. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy a .Cloud Domain Because Modern Life Is Awful

If domain names like “.com” and “.org” lack the sense of buzzword-fuelled modernity that your website requires, well, it’s your lucky day. You can now buy “.cloud” domains, because the internet isn’t clichéd enough just yet. Read More >>

GALAXY S4 Power User
Here’s How to Get 2GB of Google Drive Storage For Free in Just Seconds

You may not be aware of it, but it's international Safer Internet Day today. It's all about keeping your passwords secret, avoiding phishing scams and dodgy downloads, as well as spotting the tell-tale signs of online abuse and stamping out trolling. And, to mark the occasion, Google is looking to get your security details bang up to date by offering 2GB of extra Google Drive storage, absolutely free. Read More >>

Office 365 Down, Leaving UK Users With No Email or Microsoft Word Access

Any excuse to use the image above. “Boss, my email’s not working,” is what uncontrollably excited office workers up and down the country are currently saying, many after having given their computer a few good thumps. Microsoft has just admitted that it’s suffered a significant outage, which has temporarily knocked out Office 365 and the Azure cloud computing platform. Read More >>

Access Your Local Music From Anywhere With Microsoft Groove

Microsoft has its own streaming music service, just in case you’d forgotten, and while its feature set is rather par-for-the-course in a lot of areas, there is one interesting trick that’s worth trying out—the ability to stream music tracks stored in your OneDrive folder to any computer connected to the web. Read More >>

How To Bring Back Deleted Contacts, Photos and Files With iCloud.com

Little by little, Apple is upgrading the online iCloud portal to bring its features up to speed with comparable services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Its file recovery powers recently got a boost, with added options to restore contacts and calendars. Here’s how to find the settings you need. Read More >>