Take a Moment to Admire These Passing Clouds on Mars

Life can be stressful and full of toil. To ease your tortured mind, we present to you some stunning photographs of clouds on Mars, recently taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover. Read More >>

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Four Things That Could Kill Us Before the Cloud Apocalypse Does

If you read the news on Monday, you may have heard people freaking out about how climate change is finally coming for the clouds. A study released in Nature Geoscience chronicles how stratocumulus clouds, those low hanging clouds that lend themselves well to daydreaming, could one day disappear if we keep emitting carbon. Their disappearance could, in turn lead to skyrocketing temperatures, raising the heat more than 8 degree Celsius around the globe. Read More >>

On This Salty, Saturn-Like Exoplanet, the Forecast Always Calls for Clear Skies

Astronomers have detected an exoplanet whose salt-rich atmosphere is completely devoid of clouds — a strange celestial feature that until this point only existed in theory. Read More >>

Scientists Make Coldest Liquid Water Ever, and It’s Weirder Than They Imagined

You’re definitely familiar with water’s freezing point: 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). But that’s not the coldest water could be. “Supercooled” water is water that exists below that point. Scientists in a few labs lab have now made the coldest water yet. Read More >>

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Watch the Grand Canyon Fill With Clouds in This Timelapse of a Rare Weather Phenomenon

Clouds form when warm, humid air rises into the cooler atmosphere, and all that water vapour condenses into tiny floating water droplets. But sometimes that process can be inverted, like when cold air trapped in the Grand Canyon causes it to fill with clouds as warm air passes over the massive gorge. And sometimes, that phenomenon can be absolutely stunning. Read More >>

No, Supernovae Aren’t Changing Earth’s Climate

Weather is probably harder to understand than particle physics, given the numerous complexities that influence Earth’s atmosphere. But one researcher has published a controversial new paper that examines just how much high-energy, interstellar particles can affect Earth’s climate. Read More >>

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Stunning Timelapse of Rolling Clouds Looks Like Someone Flipped the Ocean Upside Down

He’s been chasing storms for eight years, but filmmaker Mike Olbinski called this event—a sunset that blasted a rare display of rolling undulatus asperatus clouds with an amazing lightshow of colors—“one of the most incredible scenes [he’s] witnessed.” The resulting 4K timelapse is one you’re going to want to watch in fullscreen. Read More >>

There Are Now Twelve New Types Of Cloud

The World Meteorological Organisation's International Cloud Atlas has added twelve new types to its list of recognised clouds, including one lobbied for by cloud appreciators (yes, really). Read More >>

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I Love The Clouds Aeroplane Wings Create During Takeoff and Landing

To my eye, the clouds that aeroplane wings creates during takeoff and landing look like some sort of force field—like a stealth shroud that envelopes the plane as it flies around. Reality is less fun though, because the clouds rolling over the wings are caused by the lift forces that lets planes fly. Read More >>

An Enormous Atmospheric Anomaly Has Been Spotted On Venus

Using the Akatsuki spacecraft, Japanese scientists have detected a large, bow-shaped anomaly in the upper atmosphere of Venus. Strangely, the 6,200-mile-long structure is refusing to budge despite the 225 mile-per-hour winds that surround it. Read More >>

Look at These Weird Clouds

These clouds are weird. Usually, clouds look like fluffy puffs or big, mean anvils. But these clouds... these clouds look like stripes. These clouds are weird. Read More >>

Storm Clouds Look Even More Terrifying in Black and White

I love when photographer Mike Olbinski chases storms because his (always) stunning time lapses always remind me that the city I shelter myself in isn’t what the world is supposed to look like. The sky is a breathing beast that I’m blind to. Read More >>

Two Clouds Colliding is the Most Relaxing Crash You’ll Ever See

Watching two crash test vehicles meet their demise in a head-on collision always makes for some exhilarating footage. But when two fluffy clouds collide, the destruction that ensues is so gentle and peaceful it somehow ends up being incredibly relaxing and soothing. Read More >>

Watching the Clouds Move on Titan Is Freaky as Hell

Watching clouds float by is usually a serene, relaxing experience. Watching methane clouds float by on Saturn’s moon Titan, however, is not. Read More >>

European Space Agency Plans to Shoot Lasers into Clouds

The European Space Agency is planning to send two lasers into space, but it's OK, we're not yet at war with the Martians. It's something to do with making weather forecasts better by mapping clouds and stuff. Lasers help somehow. Read More >>