Tesco Announces Paid Clubcard Subscription Service Launching Later This Year

The new service is £7.99 per month and offers deals on Tesco Mobile data, Tesco Bank benefits, as well as a bunch of other discounts. Read More >>

Tesco Revives Iconic British TV Personalities for its New Ad Campaign

Tesco is continuing to celebrate its 100th anniversary with a new campaign featuring British TV personalities and characters that graced our big boxy televisions some decades and decades ago. The inexorable hands of time will smother everyone, but Tesco will outlive us all. Also there are some banging discounts on household essentials. Read More >>

Earn Tesco Clubcard Points? Your Rewards Have Just Lost Some Value

As of yesterday, Tesco has changed the value of its Clubcard Rewards. Advertising it as a move to "simplify" the scheme, it actually means that most of us will now get less from our earned points than we did previously. Read More >>

Tesco May Use Clubcard Data to Remind You to Avoid the Biscuit Aisle

That mass of Clubcard data Tesco has on you and your shopping preferences might soon be put to good use, as the shopping giant is considering a mobile advice system that gives buyers tips on healthy choices. Perhaps it could use GPS to set off an alarm should you wander within 10 metres of the Dairy Milk. Read More >>

Tesco’s Free Movie and TV Streaming Service is Now Live

After an earlier false start, Tesco's ClubCard TV is finally live, and anyone with a ClubCard can now sign up for free. It's powered by Silverlight, currently only streams in SD, is funded by pre-roll and mid-play adverts, but does have The Shawshank Redemption, so there's at least one movie worth watching on there. It's free, so give it a whirl. [ClubCard TV] Read More >>

Hundreds of Tesco Clubcard Accounts Hacked

Are you one of the UK's 16 million (!) Tesco Clubcard users? Because if so, you might want to check your account -- police are investigating a probable fraud, after hundreds of people have reported that their loyalty card accounts have been hacked. Read More >>

Clubcard TV
Tesco’s Taking Netflix, LoveFilm, and Now TV Head-On With a New Free TV and Movie Streaming Service

Looks like Tesco's pushing out a solid effort to take on the likes of Netflix, LoveFilm, and Now TV, called Clubcard TV, instantly streaming movies and TV in your browser. The best bit is it's "free forever". The only catch is that you'll need a free Tesco Clubcard to use it. Read More >>