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Absolute Legend Catches iPhone in Midair While Riding Roller Coaster

Samuel Kempf was riding a roller coaster in Spain when he saw an iPhone hurtling through the air. Lesser men may have simply watched helplessly as the phone plummeted to Earth, no doubt getting destroyed in the process, but Kempf is not lesser men. He jumped into action, and like a figure from a Renaissance painting, stretched his hand to the heavens, rescuing that iPhone from a shattered fate that smartphone users know all too well in the 21st century. Amazingly, the iPhone grab was all captured on video. Read More >>

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Crash Test Dummy Failures Send Them Flying Off Roller Coaster Into Nearby Hotel

Stories about amusement parks are typically dominated by two topics: either the opening of a new attraction or the catastrophic failure of an old one. This time it was neither, as two crash test dummies designed to ensure a roller coaster was operating safely failed, causing them to be launched through the roof of a nearby hotel. Read More >>

Camera Lens Coasters Keep Coffee Rings Out of Your Photography Studio

If you’re a photography enthusiast who still hauls around a heavy DSLR and a bag full of glass, you’ve probably got one of those clever camera lens mugs sitting on your desk. But a photography studio is the last place you want to spill coffee, so these matching camera lens coasters will help keep stains off your sets. Read More >>

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Racing Down a Stunning Alpine Coaster Reminds Me to Never Grow Up

Life already has too many serious moments, so when the opportunity to enjoy a simple pleasure like a slide presents itself, you just have to take it. It also doesn’t hurt when that slide is a giant mountain coaster in Switzerland surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll ever see. Read More >>

Violent Coasters Tackle Domestic Abuse in Tokyo

A company in Japan has taken a rather eye-opening approach in an effort to tackle domestic abuse levels caused by excessive amounts of drinking. Read More >>

Learn About the Brain While Destroying Yours With These Coasters

The jury’s still out on whether or not you’re actually killing individual brain cells with every sip of booze, but over-indulgence can certainly have a harmful effect on your ability to think straight. So maybe if you manage to make drinking educational, like with a $20/£13.50 set of ten glass coasters featuring slices of a human brain, you can cancel out the negative effects of booze? Seems like pretty sound logic to us. [ThinkGeek] Read More >>

Glowing Arc Reactor Coasters are Just Enabling Tony Stark

It wasn't dealt with much in the movies, but in the Iron Man comic books Tony Stark is constantly battling alcoholism. And that's what makes these light-up glowing coasters ironic. On the big screen, he used the technology he developed to fight crime and make the world a better place. But in the comics, he would have probably been more inclined to turn the arc reactor into drink coasters just like these. Read More >>

Add a Bit of Retro Gaming Chic to Your Coffee Table With Arcade Button Coasters

Everyone loves a bit of retro arcade action. The golden days of gaming, when things were made to be mashed hard with your fists and buttons bashing was an art form. These arcade button coasters take me way back. Read More >>