Rob Garrison, the Man Who Said Karate Kid’s Best Line, Has Died

We’re fans of Karate Kid and its surprisingly interesting YouTube revival around these parts, so it’s particularly saddening to report that Rob Garrison, who played a role in the original Karate Kid and also returned for a short arc on Cobra Kai, has died. Read More >>

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The Entire First Season of Cobra Kai is Free to Stream Right Now

Some sequels should not exist. All they can do is ruin the legacy of the original. However, every once in awhile, one of those impossible sequels comes along and doesn’t just live up to expectations, it makes the original better. Read More >>

The New Karate Kid Series Cobra Kai Has a Nostalgic New Teaser

I’m still kind of stunned that this series, Cobra Kai, is actually happening. Premiering on YouTube Red later this year, the show features Ralph Macchio and Billy Zabka reprising their roles from the original Karate Kid series in modern times. Read More >>