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The Iconic Coca Cola Christmas Truck Is Going on Tour and Here’s Where You Can Find It

The Coca Cola truck has become synonymous with Christmas and it's going on tour for photo ops. Read More >>

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Brits Are Littering UK Beaches With Coffee Cups and Crisps Packets

Those polar bears might want to rethink their beverage of choice after an analysis of branded items found on UK beaches carried out by Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) discovered that 12 per cent of the branded litter was comprised of Coca-Cola products. Read More >>

Coca-Cola Buys Costa Coffee in a £3.9 Billion Deal

Currently owned by parent company Whitbread, the Costa chain is about to be sold to Coca-Cola. Whitbread bought the chain back in 1995 when it was just made up of 39 outlets. In the 23 years since, it's grown to have 2,400 branches in the UK along with over 1,400 overseas. As such, Whitbread was planning to demerge Costa from the parent company, spinning it off into a firm of its own. But it seems Coca-Cola swung in with an offer that was much more lucrative for Whitbread: the deal is worth £3.9 billion. Read More >>

Coca-Cola Spends £759,000 Rebranding Iced Tea That Sounds Like Vulgar Word for Genitals in Europe

Last month, Coca-Cola announced that it was bringing its billion-dollar tea brand, Fuze Tea, to 37 countries in Europe. The only problem is that “fuze” doesn’t mean what they might have liked it to in German-speaking Switzerland. Read More >>

Coca-Cola Bottles Are Set to Get Smaller and More Expensive

Two words to invoke fear and outrage into any fan of sugary drinks: sugar tax. It's due to come into effect in April this year, and Coca-Cola has just revealed that its 1.75 litre bottles are going to shrink down to 1.5 litre... and cost 20p more. Read More >>

Praise the Corporate Christmas Overlords: They’re Letting You Win a Night in the Coca Cola Lorry

Some people say that the Coca Cola lorry is a Christmas icon, and that it wouldn't be Christmas without it. Others say it's a corporate attempt to take over Christmas, and encourages obesity in the process. Well the latter group won't like this very much, because Coca Cola is letting people win a night inside the iconic lorry. Read More >>

The Coca-Cola Truck Could be Banned From Liverpool for ‘Encouraging Obesity’

It's no secret that Coke, or any number of alternate soft drinks, are incredibly bad for you. Mainly because they're full of sugar, and also because the health people say you should be drinking water instead. With Christmas coming up we're going to start seeing a lot of marketing from the Coca-Cola company, particularly with the arrival of the giant red lorry. Well now it looks like its days could be numbered. Read More >>

Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle News, Features and Release Date

After months, nay, years of speculation, the Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle has finally broken cover, and it’s shaping up as one of the hottest pieces of coke bottle tech we’ve seen this year. Here’s everything you need to know about your potential next selfie bottle. Read More >>

MP Wants Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Banished, as People are Fat and Can’t Think for Themselves

MP Keith Vaz wants to banish the Coca-Cola Christmas truck from Leicester, as a worryingly high number of children in the city are said to suffer from obesity and tooth decay. The Leicester East rep reckons an appearance of the famous red vehicle on 17 December will have a detrimental effect, despite Coca-Cola agreeing not to supply under-12s with the hard stuff (unless their parents don’t mind). Read More >>

Greener and Marginally Healthier Coca-Cola Life Coming to the UK

A new form of Coke will launch in the UK later this year, with the supposedly better-for-you Coca-Cola Life combining the fun of enjoying your favourite branded cola drink with a slightly lower amount of sugar and reduced calorie content. Read More >>

Replacement Caps Upcycle Coke Bottles Into Water Guns and More

Products like the SodaStream let you make your own carbonated beverages at home without the need for yet another plastic bottle to be recycled. But the number of bottled Cokes bought around the world every day is still staggering, so to encourage consumers to upcycle those plastic containers, Coca-Cola created sixteen different replacement caps giving them new uses. Read More >>

Coke’s Arcade Machine Accepts Plastic Bottles Instead of Coins

Sometimes all that's needed to encourage people to recycle is a little incentive. That's why cans and beer bottles have deposits, and why Coca-Cola built an arcade machine that runs on empty plastic soda bottles instead of coins. Read More >>

Coca-Cola Filmed Noisy Filmgoers and Put Them in Fake Trailers

To help drive home the point that you shouldn't ruin a film by talking, using your phone, or snacking excessively loud, Coca-Cola created a fake trailer featuring people in the actual cinema disrupting the action on screen. Which served to drive home the clip's tagline: "When you make noise during the movie, you become part of it." Read More >>

Coke’s “Downtown in a Box” Delivers Clean Water and Wi-Fi to Africa

Coca-Cola's global distribution channels are so well-developed that a Coke can get pretty much anywhere on the planet—even places where there's no access to fresh water. But Coke is working on that, too. As part of its mission to bring drinking water to the communities it serves, the company has developed a solar-powered, Wi-Fi-equipped kiosk with a water purification system—and it plans to drop them in 20 countries by 2015. Read More >>

Coke Had to Cancel a Contest After a Bottle Cap Called Someone “Retard”

It's no fun to be called names, but usually you only have to worry about it from people. That's not always the case, as a Canadian woman learned when she cracked open a refreshing Vitamin water and was met with "YOU RETARD." That's one hell of a glitch. Read More >>