Cocaine Addiction Leads to Buildups of Iron in the Brain

Cocaine, as they say, is a hell of a drug. It affects three of the neurotransmitters in our brains that make us feel fantastic—dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine—and tolerance for the stuff doesn’t seem to dissipate even months after quitting. (It’s also expensive and bad for you.) Today, new research published in Translational Psychiatry adds another bizarre facet to one of the world’s most popular drugs: the cocaine addicts in your life have unusual deposits of iron in their brains. Read More >>

Lessons From the Sexting App Whose Partyboy CEO Blew Millions Before Burning Out

There’s no shortage of catastrophic flame-outs in tech. Take, for example, junk science blood-testing startup Theranos, which raised obscene amounts of venture capital only to be sued by its own investors, close its labs, and come under criminal investigation. (Move fast and break stuff, right?) But what could have led to the downfall of humble chat app Fling? Read More >>

Raspberry Pi Dev Builds NES Classic Using Retro Emulation

The NES Classic Edition has become something of a Christmas must-have, as a generation of ageing gamers want to show their kids how much more enjoyable and inventive the games of old were, before they all became about realistic footballers and squad-based wars with anonymous online racists. Read More >>

Instagram-Famous Fisherman ‘Mark the Shark’ Hooks a Brick of Cocaine

Florida is America’s underbelly, and when America wants some cocaine you better believe Florida is going to come through. Read More >>

Preston Launches Free Drug-Check Booths for Clubbers

Nightclubs and pubs in Preston have been given approval to offer in-house drug testing stations, with the city centre letting clubbers have a serious person in a white coat test the substance they're about to inhale, eat, or stick up their bottoms for a quick pick me up. Read More >>

Scientists Find New Clues in Their Quest to Understand Why Cocaine is So Addictive

Cocaine is addictive, and researchers are trying to figure out why, aside from the obvious reason that 'drugs are fun'. Read More >>

Smugglers Busted With Nearly £250 Million Worth of Cocaine Moulded Into Shipping Pallets

Remember that scene in Traffic where they mould cocaine into dolls? This kind of trickery happens in real life, too. A band of international smugglers recently got caught with over $370/£244 million worth of cocaine disguised as 40 shipping pallets. No, the pallets weren’t filled with cocaine. The pallets were cocaine. Read More >>

How Bad is it, Really, to Have Rivers Full of Coked Up Eels?

This is no longer a purely theoretical question, thanks to the modern world. Giving a liberal dose of cocaine to an eel turns out to be far worse for the eel than it is for us. Read More >>

Bad Cocaine is Rotting the Skin of Hardcore Partiers

A case involving a cocaine-using woman has unearthed a few additional reasons why taking drugs is probably a bad thing, with researchers finding that cocaine on sale in the UK and cut with veterinary medicine Levamisole is causing blood vessels to explode and faces and skin to turn black. Read More >>

Bingo Clubs a Hotbed of Illegal Drugs Activity

Cocaine and crack cocaine have been found in trace amounts on the toilet cistern lids inside some bingo halls, hinting that the sedate hobby of the elderly might just be a front for debauched nights away from the usual slippers and Digestives. Read More >>

A Mutant Cocaine-Eating Enzyme Could Cure Addiction and Overdoses

Ready for some weird science? Certain bacteria found in the dirt near coca plants are powered by an enzyme that eats cocaine. Unfortunately, the enzyme breaks down quickly at body temperature, meaning it can't be used to treat human overdoses or addiction. Now, though, researchers have designed a version that can survive body temps—and more than doubles its cocaine appetite. Read More >>

Tuesday Night is Cocaine Night for Londoners

London has been branded the "cocaine capital of Europe" following a study into drug consumption habits across the continent. Read More >>

UK Water Supplies are Laced With Coke (and Not the Fizzy-Pop Kind)

Are you a teetotal, straight-edge water drinker? Then you'll be wanting to avoid slurping up water straight from the tap -- a new investigation into the purity of UK water supplies has found them to be contaminated with trace elements of a number of drugs, including notable levels of cocaine. Read More >>

Who Ordered the Cocaine Condom Delivery in the Vatican?

Customs staff in Germany intercepted a package at Leipzig airport that was heading for the Vatican, with the parcel from somewhere in South America containing 14 condoms that had been pumped full of liquid cocaine. With a value of around £33,000, someone was planning quite the party. Read More >>

Drug Traffickers Post 140kg of Cocaine to Aldi Branch in Banana Shipment Error

Staff working in a Berlin branch of Aldi had a bit of a shock upon opening a crate of bananas, and this time it wasn't a comically enormous meat-eating spider. It was 140kg of cocaine that somehow went to the wrong place. Read More >>