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You Can’t Unsee This Roach Giving Birth While Being Eaten by Ants

The circle of life is disgusting. It’s even more disgusting when you throw in a cockroach, larvae and some violently ravenous fire ants. Read More >>

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Meet the Roachbot, the Remote-Control Cyborg Cockroach

Why bother struggling to make mini robots, when the incredible, near-indestructible cockroach is already an amazing machine? Just slap a chip on the back and you've got yourself a remote-control bug, simple. Read More >>

This Cockroach Just Doesn’t Give a Sh*t About Physics

Scientists have discovered that, while trying to escape predators, cockroaches can change directions and body orientation instantly, flipping upside down and front to back while running at full speed, without giving a damn about gravity or physics. Check this freaky freaky video. Read More >>

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This Climbing Robot Cockroach Gives Me More Heebie Jeebies Than a Real Cockroach

Whenever I see a cockroach scampering around I don't even think, I just stomp the shit out of it. HOWEVAH. If I saw this freaking robot cockroach climbing my walls, I'd shriek and freak out like a little baby. This thing is seriously scary. Read More >>