App Marketing Stunt Gets DIY Coder Actual Job With Jaguar

Back at the beginning of the summer, something weird involving Jaguar Land Rover, the band Gorillaz, and an coding app was launched. "Try our coding puzzle app," they said, "it could get you a job." And for one fortunate man, it just has. Read More >>

There’s a New World Record for the Most Number of Kids Coding in One Day

"My dad does high tech coding at Envato (that's is where he works)! I've always wanted to code like him it Looks so cool! I know HTML tags all of them! My dad knows all tags AND IT IS SO COOL!!!🙀😱😎😮😯" - One very happy Moonhack participant. Read More >>

These Are the Colours that Words Make When Used as Hex Code

Hexadecimal format allows us to instruct a computer to display a colour using three or six characters. For example, #000 will produce black. But how many words can be created in Hex and what colours do they produce? One intrepid programmer has tackled this problem so that we don’t have to. Read More >>

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Make Your Browser Talk With This Wonderfully Annoying Human Speech Simulator

If half your work day is spent thinking up ways to troll and annoy your co-workers, tomorrow's going to be an easy one. Neil Thapen’s Pink Trombone is a browser-based speech synthesiser that lets you manipulate a simulated mouth, throat, tongue, and nasal cavity to create a remarkably realistic—and equally annoying—human voice. Read More >>

This Code Might Mean No More Dick Pics On The Internet

You know why we need more LGBT people in tech? Dick Code is why. Read More >>

5 Cool Skills to Pick Up on a Lunch Break

If you often get the feeling there just aren’t enough hours in the day, then the lunch break your bosses should generously afford you could be one opportunity to make more of your time (and it beats listening to co-workers talking about sports you don’t watch). Give yourself thirty minutes a day five days a week and you could be well on your way to being a polymath by picking up one of these five skills. Read More >>

You No Longer Need to Know How to Code to Build Crazy Lego Robots

There are a lot of crazy Lego builds out there. This Rubik’s Cube solver, or this hypnotic ball contraption, for example, give you an idea of just how technical some of these projects can be. Now, Lego is finally making robotic toys for everyone who’s too lazy to learn to code. Read More >>

Cyborg Elmo Wants to Teach Kids to Code, Not Exterminate Humanity

Elmo is now a robot who wants to teach toddlers to code. He sort of looks like the terminator, but really, he just wants to teach kids basic logic and problem solving skills, instead of the standard A-B-Cs. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Wishes He Could Control People Like Code

At this stage, we really shouldn’t be surprised by Mark Zuckerberg’s tendencies to behave like someone who thinks he is God. Yet somehow, he always manages to one-up himself. Read More >>

Google Coder Analyses a Billion Files to Find a Winner in Tabs vs Spaces Debate

It’s one of the greatest battles ever fought among coders: Should you use the tab button or five spaces when you’re indenting in source-code? Read More >>

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A Raspberry Pi for Android is Almost Certainly Coming

We’ve seen rumours of the sort before, but Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi foundation, has finally spoken about the possibility of an Android-running Raspberry Pi. And he sounds pretty positive about it. Read More >>

A Remote Control Ball Might Be the Most Enjoyable Way to Learn to Code

Between Android and iOS there are now over four million apps available for mobile devices, so there’s no denying that more and more, programming is becoming a useful skill. You don’t need to head back to school to learn to code, though, because a programmable remote control ball makes the process so much more enjoyable. Read More >>

Coding Caterpillar Tipped as Top Toy for Christmas 2016

You know you're getting old when even Fisher Price is doing things about coding. This Christmas, the toymaker is hoping that its Codeapillar might cash in on today's early learning app development push, as it's a toy that requires a small amount of something approximating coding to get it to move through mazes. Read More >>

BBC Micro:bit Programmable Computer Starts Rolling Out to Year 7s Today

The BBC micro:bit is set to land in the little hands of year 7s across the country from today, as the corporation finally gets around to delivering its programmable computer to schools. The Raspberry Pi-like development boards will belong to students, and the BBC hopes it inspires the nation’s youngsters to take up coding. Read More >>

Bored With BB-8? Sphero’s SPRK App Lets You Reprogram Your Droid To Be Exciting Again

You played with it for hours on end after it was first released, but by the time The Force Awakens hit cinemas months later, you had probably lost interest in your Sphero BB-8. But don’t bury the little droid in a drawer just yet, because a free app will make your BB-8 even more exciting than the day you first opened it. Read More >>