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Force Your Kids to Code With This Raspberry Pi Laptop

This inexplicably-named laptop is the all-in-one electronics toolkit you’re probably looking for. Powered by a Raspberry Pi, the CrowPi2 features a screen and keyboard as well as a panoply of inputs and outputs that hearkens back to the 100-in-1 electronics kits of yore. Read More >>

GitHub Has Stored Its Code in an Arctic Vault It Hopes Will Last 1,000 Years

If you posted a project to GitHub before 2 February, the fruits of your labour are now likely entombed for a millennium in a frozen ark. Yesterday, the world’s largest source code repository announced that, on 8 July, it enshrined its archive below hundreds of meters of permafrost in an Arctic vault, inside a chamber inside an abandoned mine inside a mountain, on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, inhabited by a few thousand people and polar bears. In other words, safe from the forces of real estate developers and influencers for the foreseeable future. Read More >>

Github to Remove ‘Master’ and ‘Slave’ Coding Terms Widely Seen as Racially Insensitive

Github is preparing to overhaul coding terminology that has long been criticised for being racially insensitive, the company’s chief executive said. Read More >>

BT is Giving Kids Free Access to its Online Coding Class

BT is helping parents out by offering its online coding class to kids stuck at home with nothing better to do, but its presented in the guide of making a virtual cake, so they'll actually want to do it. Read More >>

DJI’s Super-Fast Robot Car Is an Absolute Blast

The DJI Robomaster S1 is the childhood toy I always wanted. Actually, it’s way better than that. Compared to junk like the Tyco Rebound I had in the 90's, the Robomaster S1 is faster, more sophisticated, and thanks to its Mecanum wheels, much more nimble than anything my tiny kid brain could have even imagined. And that’s before you consider the Robomaster’s built-in camera, dual blasters, and its programmability. Only there’s a cost to all this, and with a base price of £500, it’s a big one. So is it worth it? Read More >>

DJI’s Robomaster S1 Is the Closest Thing to RC Mario Kart, and It’s a Blast

DJI is already the worldwide leader for drones, and despite recently taking aim at GoPro with new Osmo Action, it’s venturing into yet another market with the new Robomaster S1. While this might seem like a move out of left field, DJI’s robotics efforts are actually quite well established in Asia thanks to its annual Robomaster competition, and with the S1, DJI is looking to bring the same sort of passion and creativity for coding and robotics to the consumer space. Read More >>

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The Best Educational Tech Toys for Kids and Teens

Everyone wants their kid to be a genius, but not everyone puts the work in. You're clearly not one of those people, since you've opened this article and are willing to equip your offspring with the tools they need for a bright future in STEM. Read More >>

Even Random Paint Splatters Can Be Valid Computer Code (If You’re Using Perl)

As technology becomes more central to our lives, kids are increasingly being steered towards careers in programming with things like toys that promote coding. Is there still room for the arts in a world run by apps, AI, and computers? It turns out there might be a closer connection between the two than you’d think, as a software engineer discovered that random paint splatters are actually valid Perl code in disguise. Read More >>

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You Can Finally Create Alexa Skills Without Code In The UK

Just seven entire months after it launched in the US, Amazon has deigned to bring its Alexa Skill Blueprints service to voice assistant enthusiasts here on Brexit Island. Read More >>

This Kit Uses a Motion-Sensing Wand to Teach Kids Code – No Hogwarts Required

Kano’s first product was a computer that kids could build as easily as a Lego set, helping to demystify the technologies we obsess over. The company’s next product is a buildable, motion-sensing wand that swaps spells for simple programming making it easy for kids to conjure up magical interactions with a flick of the wrist – and hopefully learn a thing or two about coding in the process. Read More >>

Toy Company Primo Supports Women in STEM with #CodingGirls

Primo Toys, a company that already supports STEM subjects from a young age with its range of educational toys, is upping the ante in supporting gender equality in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It's launched the #CodingGirls campaign in a bid to inspire more girls and women to get involved in coding. Read More >>

Today’s Google Doodle is Meant to Help Kids Learn to Code

Google Doodles have done a great many things over the years, from memorialising famous figures from history, to celebrating special dates, and that time everyone got to play Pac-Man at work. Today's Doodle is something special too, designed to help kids learn how to code. Read More >>

Amazon Wants Students to Build a Grand Tour Skill for Alexa

With the second series of The Grand Tour starting next week, Amazon is obviously in marketing overdrive to try and get people to subscribe to Prime and watch. Part of its plan involves a competition, asking students to develop a Grand Tour-based skill for Alexa - with a trip to New York at stake. Read More >>

App Marketing Stunt Gets DIY Coder Actual Job With Jaguar

Back at the beginning of the summer, something weird involving Jaguar Land Rover, the band Gorillaz, and an coding app was launched. "Try our coding puzzle app," they said, "it could get you a job." And for one fortunate man, it just has. Read More >>

There’s a New World Record for the Most Number of Kids Coding in One Day

"My dad does high tech coding at Envato (that's is where he works)! I've always wanted to code like him it Looks so cool! I know HTML tags all of them! My dad knows all tags AND IT IS SO COOL!!!🙀😱😎😮😯" - One very happy Moonhack participant. Read More >>