Flushing Sodium Down the Toilet Could be the Last Thing You Do

Grant Thompson does silly stuff with science and when he received a request to flush sodium down a toilet he knew who to call — the man who flushed mercury down a toilet with a hypnotic swirl. All cleaned up, the mercury toilet meets its ultimate demise in a mushroom cloud of destruction. Read More >>

How to Extract Pure Gold From Busted Electronics

That little bead right there? That’s all the gold in two kilos of electronics waste. And it took so very much work to get there. Read More >>

YouTube Forgot to Send This Guy His Award, So He Made His Own

YouTube rewards channels for how many subscribers they have. Passing 100,000, gets you a Silver Play Button award. But seven months after hitting that benchmark, Cody from Cody’s Lab got tired of waiting for YouTube to send him one and decided to make his own. Read More >>