air travel
Flight Turned Back After Pilot Spilled Coffee Causing Control Panel to Melt and Smoke

An aeroplane flying across the Atlantic Ocean had to reroute after a pilot spilled his coffee in the cockpit and damaged the audio control panel. Read More >>

Facebook is Taking Over UK Cafes to Offer Privacy Masterclasses

The world's premiere invader of privacy and taker of informational liberties is rather audaciously planning an attack on the moral high ground, with Facebook taking over five established indie coffee houses in the UK to launch a series of "Facebook Cafes" offering free advice on how to protect your privacy. Read More >>

Coke and Costa Launch Cold Canned Coffee This Month

They have indeed gone and done it, with the first results of Coca-Cola's acquisition of the Costa Coffee chain hitting the UK later this month. It is three types of coffee in cans from... the... fridge. Read More >>

Why Does Coffee Make Us Poo? Scientists Gave Coffee to Rats to Find Out

A good chunk of regular coffee drinkers know that coffee isn’t just great at getting them awake in the morning – it also makes them get up and need a poo. But while coffee’s laxative powers are well-known, it’s not clear why exactly this happens. To get to the bottom of this mystery, some scientists decided to do exactly what you’d expect scientists to: giving lab rats some coffee. Read More >>

palm oil
Use Manky Coffee Grounds Instead of Palm Oil, Say Scottish Entrepreneurs

The use of palm oil is a serious problem. It's found in around 50% of the packaged products in our supermarkets, yet is "a major driver of deforestation [...] destroying the habitat of already endangered species like the Orangutan, pygmy elephant and Sumatran rhino," per the WWF. Read More >>

Coca-Cola is Getting into Cold Coffee

Coca-Cola is doing something even madder than when it tried to rebrand tap water: putting coffee into cold Coke. Less sugar and more caffeine is what its scientists have decided we all need. Read More >>

climate change
More Than Half of Wild Coffee Species Could Go Extinct, and It’s Our Fault

If you’re a coffee aficionado, brace yourself because I’ve got some bad news for you. Read More >>

Costa Now Lets You Skip the Queue by Pre-Ordering Your Drinks

These days, thanks to the wonders of the internet, queuing may seem a bit excessive. You're in a rush, just like everyone else, so why can't you order in advance and have what you need ready to go when you arrive? Following in the footsteps of other, similar companies, Costa has just announced it's going to offer that. So you can book your morning large, low-fat, sugar free, pumpkin spice latteccino before you step foot in your local branch. Read More >>

Costa’s New Reusable Cup Can Pay for its Contents

Reusable cups are all the rage these days, because we realised that it's quite difficult to deal with those paper things coffee shops normally hand out. Also we like saving money, and we've started having to pay more for not being environmentally conscious. Well the whole process is starting to get more convenient, because Costa and Barclaycard have developed a contactless cup that can pay for its own contents. Read More >>

Starbucks: Sorry, Your Bitcoin Is Still No Good Here

Starbucks wants to be crystal clear: Despite recent stories about their involvement in some sort of blockchain project, they are not going to be accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for coffee. Read More >>

Starbucks is the First Coffee Chain to Launch a 5p Latte Levy in the UK

Back in January MPs proposed a 5p charge on people buying coffee and other hot drinks in the takeaway 'paper' cups that are actually made of a hard-to-recycle blend of plastic and paper, something Starbucks promptly decided to trial in some of its London branches. While some ministers were sceptical of this 'latte levy', the coffee chain has now announced it's expanded that charge to another 950 branches across the UK. Read More >>

Waitrose Shoppers Will Soon Have to Bring a Cup if They Want Free Hot Drinks

Supermarket chain Waitrose is about to make a token gesture regarding the environment, announcing a plan to eradicate all single-use disposable cups from its hot drinks bank by the end of the year. Read More >>

Starbucks Must Tell Customers Its Coffee Contains a Cancer-Causing Ingredient, But Don’t Panic

Earlier today, a California Superior Court judge issued a ruling that’s bound to stress out lots of java drinkers—even if it probably shouldn’t. Companies like Starbucks will have to tell customers that their coffee can potentially cause cancer. Read More >>

Pret is Giving Away 300,000 Free Hot Drinks This Week

There are a lot of reasons not to be a huge dick when ordering anything in public, the main one obviously being that acting like a dick doesn't actually accomplish anything. This week anyone visiting a Pret a Manger has an extra incentive not to be a bastard, because the company is giving out 300,000 vouchers for free hot drinks - the clincher being that it's up to the staff to decide who gets them. Read More >>

Government Ministers Aren’t So Sure About This Whole ‘Latte Levy’ Idea

Thing back to the long distance past of two months ago, and you might remember that a government report from the Environment Audit Committee suggested a 'latte levy' that would see customers pay 25p every time they bought a hot drink in a disposable cup. A fine for buying something in a cup that is hard to recycle, basically, in an effort to cut down on waste. Read More >>