Supposedly Empty Egyptian Coffin Actually Contains a Mummy

For the past 150 years, the cedar coffin of an ancient Egyptian priestess has been on display at a museum in Australia. Records suggested the 2,500-year-old sarcophagus was empty, so no one bothered to look inside. Last year, museum curators finally opened the lid, and to their shock, the coffin contained an actual mummy—bandages and all. Read More >>

Irn Bru Enthusiasts Can Now be Buried in a Branded Coffin

It would probably be libellous of us to say that people who drink Irn Bru are likely to die sooner than everyone else, so we won't say that. But just in case you are an Irn Bru fan and you are planning on dying in the near future from entirely unrelated complications, here's a thing. An Irn Bru coffin. Read More >>

Sound System Coffin Lets Audiophiles Rock Out For Eternity

It almost looks like an over-the-top prank by the Onion, but this £19,000 coffin—equipped with speakers and a wireless streaming sound system—is apparently real. Even its name, the CataCombo Sound System, seems like something made up for an SNL commercial parody. But if you can't bear the idea of spending the afterlife without your favourite playlist, this is the coffin for you. Read More >>

Coffin Therapy: Because Death Isn’t Scary Enough Already

How do you prepare to meet your maker? Confess your sins, make right with your enemies, spend all of your money on an elaborate European vacation co-starring LL Cool J? Not in the Ukraine. First of all, you're already in Europe. Second, you're probably doing coffin therapy, the hottest and creepiest trend in afterlife acceptance. Read More >>

There Are Grave Consequences To Sinking the Cue Ball On This Coffin Pool Table

Unless you're being cremated, blasted into space, or turned into a cyborg, everyone will need a coffin at some point in their life. (Usually near the end.) And a company called Casket Furniture figures that since you'll be spending thousands of pounds on your post-life home, you might as well enjoy it as much as possible. Read More >>

12 Coffins for the Not-So-Undead

Look, we've got enough problems as it is with walking corpses rising from the grave and trying to eat us. Last thing we need is someone crawling out of the ground a week after the fact just because they were really, really drunk. Read More >>

Rest Forever in the World’s Most Stylish Coffin

You spent nine months curled up inside a womb, so why not spend all of eternity doing the same? And while it's a bit morbid to fawn over a coffin design, I like the idea of ending up in this thing. Read More >>