Treasury Licenses Out New £1 Coin Design

The little bits of island around the world that are still technically part of the UK empire may soon be using the new £1 coin, thanks to the Treasury giving approval for dependencies and territories to mint their own £1 clones. Read More >>

Royal Mint Wants £13 for Admittedly Quite Posh £5 Coin

The Royal Mint is about to make a small mint for itself this Christmas, as it's launched a new series of limited edition £5 coins to sell to collectors and people who enjoy having this sort of thing. Read More >>

Government Plans Special Brexit 50p

People who enjoy collecting all the types of 50 pence coin we have here in the UK are about to be told to look out for another one, but it might be one that a sizeable percentage of the population would rather not get in their change and will instead frisbee into the nearest charity slot. It's about Brexit. A Brexit 50p. Get those jokes in fast. The best one we've thought of so far is it should actually be worth 51.9 pence in honour of the percentage of Leave votes, which would also make shopping more complicated as an additional Brexit metaphor. Read More >>

Royal Wedding Commemorative Fiver Costs £13

It looks like David Beckham is remarrying Posh Spice in this commemorative coin for the latest in the long line of royal weddings, with just £13 getting you a coin worth £5. What an amazingly suitable metaphor for the royal family. Read More >>

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This Real-Life, Coin-Shooting Mario Block Is My New Retirement Plan

Stressed about job security? Worried about making ends meet? Super Mario might be a plumber, but do you ever see him fixing pipes? No, and why would he when his world is filled with random blocks that spew gold coins? Apparently hoping for an early retirement, hacker Jonathan Whalen attempted to build a real-life version of a Super Mario Land question block that actually spits out coins. Read More >>

1p and 2p Coins Saved From the Smelter… For Now

The opinion maelstrom that formed when the possibility of our precious money being changed has been calmed by the government, which says there's no current plan to remove the 1p and 2p from circulation so can everyone stop crying and hoarding the things even more than usual. Read More >>

Stonehenge, Fish & Chips and James Bond Immortalised on New “British” 10p coins

The Royal Mint wants us to be as excited about weird 10p coins as we are about weird 50p coins, as it's launched a massive new range of 26 alphabetised 10p pieces that — uh-oh! — celebrate the weird world that is "Britishness." Read More >>

Businesses Send Perfectly Good £1 Coins to the Smelter

The effort to replace the nation's £1 coins with other £1 coins isn't going entirely to plan, as it seems that some businesses are failing to be bothered enough to sort them out properly before sending the old coins back to be melted away.  Some of the shiny new ones are being returned in with the battered old ones from 1983. Read More >>

Jane Austen £2 Coin Gazumps Polymer £10

Jane Austen is about to be the star of the forthcoming polymer English £10 note (to be revealed in its final form today), but she's also got another bit of money coming to her. She's the star of a new special edition £2 coin as well, and this one's going to beat the tenner to your pockets by quite a margin. Read More >>

We’re Getting Some Coloured-in Coins

An updated set of  Beatrix Potter 50p pieces is launching in the UK later this year, and in a bonkers first for our historic coinage some of them are being coloured in. It's enough to make you embrace the euro. Read More >>

Happy New £1 Coin Day! Here’s Where You Can Get One Today

Today is the day the brand new pound coin enters circulation, and currency nerds everywhere are excited. Which means us. Read More >>

12-Sided £1 Coin Coming in March

The new 12-sided pound coin has been given a launch date, with the Bank of England set to dump jingling bags full of them on the steps of retailers on the morning of March 28. Read More >>

These Crazy Coin Stack Sculptures Seem Impossible

Japanese artist Thumb Tani may have negotiated some deal with how gravity works on Earth for his coin sculptures. Or maybe he is somehow channelling Magneto’s superpowers. No way could be just carefully placing these coins on top of each other, because I struggle with making a penny stand up straight. Read More >>

In 2019 the US Might Finally Get Some Space Coins

On Monday, the US House of Representatives passed a bill that requires the US Secretary of the Treasury to issue a special commemorate coin for the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Apollo moon landing. The bill, titled H.R. 2726 demands the Treasury create a variety of convex coins “to more closely resemble the visor of the astronaut’s helmet of the time.” They will hold a contest to decide on the specific designs, which should be “emblematic of the United States space program.” Read More >>

At Least 2016 Gave Us This Brilliant Daft Punk/Beastie Boys Mashup Album

There are rumours Daft Punk will go on tour again, but will we ever see a new album from the duo? It’s uncertain. The passing of Adam Yauch in 2012 also marked the end of the Beastie Boys, but thanks to an artist named Coins, a new album featuring Daft Punk and Beastie Boy mashups has lots for fans of either group to love. Read More >>