A Guide to the Chemistry of Cold Weather

You might have noticed that it’s pretty cold at the moment – frostbite-inducing, school-closing, scald-yourself-with-boiling-water-while-attempting-that-stupid-instant-snow-trick cold. You might wonder what that means, scientifically. Read More >>

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The Best Gifts for Handling Cold Snaps

So what's happened here is that it's turned cold like the Daily Express said it would back in June, and you're looking on the internet for something to fix it and make you warm. That's beyond current technology, sadly, as Elon Musk cannot yet locally direct warming heat rays from space for 99 cents (92 pence) a shot, but we do have the next best thing; items to buy that make the cold fun, or at least more bearable and doable. Read More >>

Edinburgh Scientists Think They’re on to a Cold Cure

There might soon be a drug on the market that does something more than offer a placebo-powered pat on the back when you've got a cold, as a group of researchers at Edinburgh Napier University think they've come up with something that can defeat the human rhinovirus -- also known as the main trigger of the common cold. Read More >>

Stuff This Pac-a-Mac With Leaves or Newspapers and It Becomes a Warm Emergency Parka

Are you obsessed with packing light when you travel, even if it means not being prepared for the weather where you’re going? Then you’ll like the Uncharted Supply Company lightweight, highly-packable mac that can transform into a puffy, warm parka. Read More >>

Scientists Made Something Colder Than Ever Thought Possible

When it comes to cooling things in the lab, scientists have long found an experimental lower limit just above the theoretical coldest temperature. Well, a group of American scientists have now made things (lowers shades) ...even cooler. Read More >>

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Glorious Footage of Animals in the Bitter Cold

Muskoxen look like mythical creatures, beasts you’d likely see in a museum or on TV. That’s because they’re animals from a prehistoric age. Rolf Steinmann made this short film In Between to show the animals life in the bitter cold of the Arctic and document their current plight. Read More >>

These Mysterious Ice Pancakes Have Taken Over a Scottish River 

Weird things happen in the cold of winter. At the River Dee in Scotland, that weirdness includes dozens of recently discovered "ice pancakes" floating on the river surface. Their strange shapes boggle the imagination, but rest assured, there's a explanation for their existence. Read More >>

Beautiful Warming Huts prove Canada Know How to Do Winter

The average temperature in the Canadian city of Winnipeg during the winter hovers around -12°C: a number most of would consider cause for embarking on hibernation. In Canada, it's cause for celebration. Read More >>

Scientists are Creating the Coldest Cubic Metre in the Universe

It's hard to describe exactly how cold the coldest cubic metre in the universe will be. Frozen to just a blip above absolute zero — the temperature at which atoms cannot even vibrate — the CUORE experiment will try to nail down a tiny number that has long eluded physicists: the mass of a neutrino. Read More >>

The Power Went Out at This Antarctic Research Station While it Was -55C

It's been a very, very cold winter in Antarctica, with scientists reporting record lows all over the continent. Which makes the fact that researchers living on the Brunt Ice Shelf lost power for 19 hours even scarier. The British Antarctic Survey has announced it's halting all science until the situation gets resolved. Read More >>

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Here’s What 12 Inches of Overnight Snowfall Looks Like in 45 Seconds

Check out this GoPro footage capturing more than 12 inches of snow piling up over one night, made by YouTube user bshenal. Read More >>

Tissue Stockpiles to Become Obsolete as Cure for Common Cold Draws Closer

It's the question that's puzzled pharmaceutical companies for an age: Is it possible to cure the common cold? Well, maybe now, yes -- British scientists have developed a new drug that could massively decrease the virility of the virus. Read More >>

This Leech Can Survive For 24 Hours in Liquid Nitrogen

You're looking at Ozobranchus jantseanus, a little leech found in East Asia. It doesn't look much, but it has a very special skill indeed: it can survive for up to 24 hours immersed in liquid nitrogen. Read More >>

It Was So Cold in Canada, the Ground Exploded

Even before the polar vortex put large swathes of the US into a deep freeze, subzero temperatures in Canada were causing frost quakes. A few nights ago, residents around Ontario woke up to mysterious booms—like an explosion or falling tree. Turns it was just the cold. Read More >>