Why These ‘Revolutionary’ ’80s Gadgets Totally Failed

Besides bad hair, pleated jeans, and 21 Jump Street, the ‘80s brought us a remarkable technological revolution. Nintendo changed the living room forever with the introduction of the NES in 1985. IBM, Apple, and the Commodore 64 ushered the personal PC into our lives. Even the internet breathed a few gasps of air with NFSNet and the rise of the teen hacker. Read More >>

Retro Gaming Console Coleco Chameleon’s Launch Date Delayed Indefinitely 

The Coleco Chameleon is a video game console promising to take a stand against downloadable content (DLC) by shipping non-upgradeable cartridge games just like systems from the 1980s and 1990s. Unfortunately, the Chameleon may never see the light of day. Read More >>

Coleco’s Chameleon is a Retro Gaming Console Every 80s Kid Will Love

The brand new video game console, Coleco Chameleon, made its public debut at the New York Toy Fair this weekend, and although the system spent most of the convention behind a glass enclosure, it easily ran through short demos of old classic games and new retro-style games created by indie developers. Read More >>

Old-School Video Game Maker Coleco is Making a New Cartridge-Based Console

If you were a gamer in the early ‘80s, you’ve no doubt played ColecoVision — the short-lived console that brought arcade games to your living room. Well, get ready for a nostalgia hurricane, because Coleco is back on the scene with a new home console — and it’ll play actual game cartridges. Read More >>