Delete Never: The Digital Hoarders Who Collect Tumblrs, Medieval Manuscripts, and Terabytes of Text Files

When it comes to their stuff, people often have a hard time letting go. When the objects of their obsession are rooms full of old clothes or newspapers, it can be unhealthy — even dangerous. But what about a stash that fits on 10 5-inch hard drives? Read More >>

nuclear war
Meet the Nuclear Weapons Nerds

John Coster Mullen was driving his lorry to a warehouse in the US state of Wisconsin when he told me that he owns uranium. He’d been talking on the phone for about hour, and I hadn’t been able to ask a single question about the project that has consumed a quarter century of his lifethe reverse-engineering of America’s first nuclear bomb. I was too engrossed to interrupt. The news of uranium, though, made me stutter. Read More >>

This Guy Is Selling a Whole Mess of Apple Prototypes on Ebay

Steve Wozniak’s name may be on the shipping label for one of the devices, but it’s not the Woz selling it or more than a dozen other Apple prototypes currently available on eBay. Seller Hap Plain just happened to pick up the Cinema Display with Woz’s name on the label while on the hunt for other, rarer Apple products. Read More >>

Got Filth? Head to We Buy Any Porn (.com)

A porn book shop has come up with a novel way of staying alive in the internet era, by offering to buy up the unwanted porn collections of ex-partners, the suddenly converted, and even the secret stashes of the recently deceased. Read More >>

Rare Kew Gardens 50p Coin Could be Worth £24

The 2009 edition 50p coin, with a pretty sketch of the Royal Botanic Gardens' pagoda on it, has become something of a rarity among collectors, with the 50p now netting around £24 when traded between hardcore money enthusiasts. Read More >>

With the Original iPhone Now a Collector’s Item, Have You Ever Saved a Gadget in the Hope of Future Riches?

Despite selling millions of units around the world, the first-generation iPhone has now become something of a collector's item, with mint condition, boxed examples of Apple's first smartphone selling for more now than they did when they were new. Read More >>