Decolonising Mars: Are We Thinking About Space Exploration All Wrong?

Interplanetary travel is pitched to us as a good thing. Explorers will visit other planets, which settlers will then colonise. But colonisation on our own planet led to the genocide and displacement of cultures and people, economic inequity, and the destruction of environments. What lessons from Earth’s colonialist tragedies can we apply to our interplanetary future? Read More >>

Hawaiian Supreme Court Okays Controversial Planned Telescope

The Hawaiian Supreme Court ruled that the Thirty Meter Telescope project can build on Mauna Kea, clearing the legal way for construction despite protests from the Native Hawaiian community. Read More >>

Marc Andreessen Did a Magnificently Bad Tweet 

Facebook board director, venture capitalist, and proof-of-concept egg/human hybrid Marc Andreessen has carried out a most impressive feat: a tweet so bad he simultaneously destroyed Facebook’s party line about its Free Basics program and implied that India would be better off still under colonial rule. Read More >>

Brutal Art Show Depicts Machines at the End of Humanity

It's hard to know where to begin describing artist Jan Manski's brutal new show forthcoming at London's BREESE LITTLE gallery. Called "Possesia" and opening to the public on 26th February, it's a surreal and over the top look at "archaic instruments" turned into end-of-the-world machinery used by some unnamed conquering force of the future. Read More >>