10 of the Most Gorgeous Uses of Colour in Film

Directors make so many filmmaking decisions that go unnoticed by casual viewers because we’re not paying close attention — but the use of colour isn’t one of them. Colour immediately stands out. Films can be hyper colourful and smack you with the entire colour wheel, or they can be totally muted and monochromatic. You’re able to recognise the aesthetic and intention because you have eyeballs (and are presumably not colorblind) and can see what the director wants to show you, because it’s literally right in front of you. Read More >>

Remembering the Designer Who Made US Cities More Colourful

The graphic designer Deborah Sussman died at the age of 83 this week, leaving behind a technicolour legacy. She was perhaps most famous for designing the graphics and signage for the 1984 Summer Olympics, which transformed Los Angeles into a dazzling playground of magenta and teal. But Sussman also left her mark on cities around the world. Read More >>

14 iOS Design Trends for 2014

Just as we did a year ago, I'm kicking off 2014 with a list of design trends I expect to gain ground over the next twelve months. The world of interactive design is an extreme fluid in terms of what's determined as a staple of good design from year to year. Read More >>

A Gold-Coloured HTC One?

A gold-coloured HTC One part has come to light in China. The start of a new trend, perhaps? Read More >>

The Amazing Story of How Bill Nguyen Sold Two Companies You’ve Probably Never Heard of to Apple

In December of 2009 Apple bought a small startup led by Bill Nguyen named Lala. The company was named after the first words of Nguyen's adopted son. It was also a word play on the solfège note "La". Lala struggled through pivot after pivot in the music industry, buying digital radio stations, a CD swapping business and finally streaming music. Read More >>

If You Are a Photoshop Nerd, You Will Love This Drawing

I don't know about you but, as a Photoshop nerd, I love this Adobe colour picker drawn with a multi-colored pen. [9gag] Read More >>

Perfectly-Coloured Famous Photos Are So Much More Powerful Than the B&W Originals

I know many may disagree, but these coloured famous photos are much more powerful than the black and white originals. The perfect colouring takes away all the stylisation of the black and white and pushes the violence right into your eyes. Read More >>