Scientists Create Beautiful Iridescent Material That Could Be Edible

What makes something red, or blue, or green? It’s all in the way light bounces off its surface. Something that primarily reflects light with shorter wavelengths will appear bluer, while something that reflects longer wavelengths will appear redder. By playing around with that principle, scientists have created a material that, much like soap bubbles and certain insect wings, displays a gorgeous iridescence—a shifting rainbow of colours they can tweak with the same surface. Read More >>

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Mixing Liquids Under a Microscope Creates Wildly Colourful Worlds

Wenting Zhu mixed together paint, alcohol, water, fizzy drinks, and ink remover in weird combinations, stuck them under a microscope, and ended up with awesomely mesmerising effects. Read More >>

These Pantone Colour Swatch Scarves Can Match Anything

You can get Pantone suitcases and even Pantone Christmas ornaments, and now you can display your absurd devotion to that library of color buy wrapping some colour swatches around your neck. Read More >>

You Can Finally Customise Your Jambox To Be As Ugly As You Want It

Starting today, Klout users and "Jawbone Insiders" can customise the colour of their Jambox speaker on Jawbone's new Jambox Remix site. Klout and the uglification of a perfectly good speaker sounds like a match made in heaven; the rest of the world will have to wait until August 28th for the privilege of mucking up their own, though. [Jambox Remix via Wired] Read More >>