Prince Purple is Now an Officially Recognised Colour

The particular blend of purple most favoured by legendary musician Prince is now on one official part of the colour spectrum, thanks to immortalisation in the professional charts administered by the colour guide experts at the Pantone Institute. Read More >>

These Are the Colours that Words Make When Used as Hex Code

Hexadecimal format allows us to instruct a computer to display a colour using three or six characters. For example, #000 will produce black. But how many words can be created in Hex and what colours do they produce? One intrepid programmer has tackled this problem so that we don’t have to. Read More >>

See Your Favourite Film Scenes Broken Down Into Just Their Colour Palettes

Films typically have a cohesive “look”. Their scenes all fit together within the same aesthetic guidelines. While there’s a wealth of detail that goes into making that look work, colour is a big part of it. Luckily, a nifty Twitter account is here to document the very specific colour palettes in your favourite film scenes. Read More >>

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This Video Shows Every 24-Bit RGB Colour Only Once

Your computer knows more colours than you do. In fact, representing them in 24-bit RGB, it knows an amazing 16,777,216 different hues — and this video shows each one exactly once. Read More >>

Scientists Have Worked Out How Chameleons Change Colour

The changing colour of a chameleon's body is an impressive sight—but how it happens has long been a significant scientific question without a compelling answer. Now, researchers have finally identified a thin layer of deformable nanocyrstals in their skin which gives rise the phenomenon. Read More >>

How a Simple Lick of Paint Can Transform Our Urban Environments

When artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn visited the favelas of Rio De Janeiro, they wondered how they could help the wider community. Turns out, the answer was a simple lick of paint. Read More >>

This Beetle Has a Thin Coating Whiter Than Anything Humans Can Make

This beetle looks like it's been given a lick with a paintbrush—but in fact, it's covered in paper-thin scales that are brilliant white, and reflect more light than anything of a similar thickness that can be made by humans. Read More >>

How Many Different Colours Can We See?

We all know that some people see the world in a limited palette of hues due to colour blindness. But what's the largest number of colours that we can possibly see? Read More >>

Change Your Hair Colour by Etching Nano-Patterns Into Each Strand

In a weirdly serious bit of hair research, engineers have figured out how to change hair colour without an ounce of hair dye. The only catch? You need a focused ion beam. Read More >>

How Painters Used to Make Pigments With Poisons, Mummies, and Gems

When you walk into a museum you're likely not thinking about chemistry. Yet you probably ought to be. Before the industrial revolution brought us manufactured pigment, painters had to be great chemists—tinkering with rare, expensive, and sometimes downright poisonous chemicals to make colours. Read More >>