The Adult Colouring Book Trend is Dead

The latest set of financial data from high street retail bellwether WH Smith shows that we've all had it up to HERE with the ironic adult colouring books we've been getting for Christmas this last two or three years, with the shop saying sales of such titles have "fallen off a cliff." Unfortunately not accompanied by people who like and buy them. Read More >>

Crayola Now Has Its Own Line of Colouring Books For Adults

Crayola has always been the first name in colouring innovation, so it’s surprising it wasn’t the company behind the recent trend in adult colouring books. But now it’s showing everyone how it’s done with its own line of wonderfully-detailed colouring books targeted at those who are already masters of staying within the lines. Read More >>

Disney Has Invented 3D Colouring Books

With its Color Alive line, Crayola was the first company to merge colouring books and apps so kids could bring their on-page creations to life. But Disney Research is taking that idea one step further by letting kids see a colouring book character move in 3D while they’re still colouring it. Read More >>

What Coloured Food Does to Your Poop

Those without a strong stomach should look away now. When Gabriel Morais set to wondering what different foods do to his body, he naturally wondered how different items affect the colour of his poop. Here are the results. Read More >>