The Future of Cars is Grey, Not White

In your face white cars, the people are bored of washing you all the sodding time; the most popular colour for new cars in the UK last year was a good old, miserable, foglike, wet drizzle, political, non-committal, 48-52 ratio shade of grey. Read More >>

How Colours Are Discovered

In the early 18th century, German chemist Johann Jacob Diesbach was at work in a laboratory trying to make a red pigment out of cochineal insects, the tiny bugs whose extract dyes everything from food to lipstick. Diesbach hypothesised that he could combine the carmine extract with alum, iron sulphate, and potash to make the pale red hue he desired. There was a problem, though. The potash Diesbach used had been contaminated, which altered the chemical makeup of his pigment. Instead of red, Diesbach had unwittingly created something far more valuable: a deep ocean-like blue. Read More >>

Prince Purple is Now an Officially Recognised Colour

The particular blend of purple most favoured by legendary musician Prince is now on one official part of the colour spectrum, thanks to immortalisation in the professional charts administered by the colour guide experts at the Pantone Institute. Read More >>

Crayola Deletes Dandelion Yellow from History

It's #NationalCrayonDay apparently, and king of the wax stick Crayola has used it to announce the death of an entire colour. Read More >>

The White and Gold/Black and Blue Thing is Happening Again

Just to warn you, a picture of pair of flip flops -- soon to be known as The Flip Flops -- is doing the rounds on the web today because some people think it’s a different colour scheme to other people, and they’re bickering about it because they haven’t learnt anything from The Dress last year. Read More >>

New iPhone 7 Rumours Say it Comes in Black and a Blacker Black

KGI Securities, an analyst with past form for correctly guesstimating future Apple technology releases, has outed more on what it expects Apple to offer come iPhone 7 reveal day, including the amazing fact that it might come in not just one but two types of black. Read More >>

Scientists Accidentally Made a Remarkable New Colour That Belongs on Your House

Scientists have lived out every child’s fantasy by accidentally creating a brand new colour and giving it a funny name. YInMn (named after the elements it’s made from -- Yttrium, Indium, Manganese) may look like a pretty but unextraordinary shade of blue, but apparently it’s rather special. Read More >>

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Lose Yourself in the Mixing of Colours and Shapes

We’ve seen the space oddity of mixing colours and paint together before. What makes this one especially fun to watch is the soothing sound of the liquids merging and the bubbles popping. It’s really easy to lose track of time when you’re watching the colours and shapes go by. Read More >>

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Beautiful Short Film Reveals All the Colours We See in Everyday Life

This short, Colors by The Mercadantes, about the colours we see throughout our lives is so wonderfully well done. The transitions are perfect, each colour’s clips seamlessly bleeds into the next that you don’t even realise when the colour changed on you. Read More >>

Hang These Polyhedrons Wherever You Need Some Colourful Geometry

Like all good things, the pretty Themis Mobile also requires a little work. This floating DIY sculpture by Swedish designer Clara von Zweigbergk will bring a bright burst of colour to a sunny room—after you've taken a refresher in geometry. Read More >>

Who Painted This 300-Year-Old Guidebook to Every Imaginable Colour?

More than two centuries before Pantone divided the visible spectrum into six-digit colour codes, a mysterious Dutch artist crafted this extraordinary guide to painting in watercolour. Hundreds of subtly varying colours were mixed by hand for this one-of-a-kind, encyclopaedic volume. Read More >>

Why are Most Planes Painted White?

Here's a difficult question to answer without getting involved in a heated internet argument that eventually spills over into real-world violence -- why are big planes mostly white? Shouldn't Branson's Virgin fleet be red? Is there some sort of law? Does it help with visibility? Read More >>