Spitting Image Returns to Live-Satirise the Downfall of the USA

Satirical TV show Spitting Image is returning as was foretold and guesstimated a couple of years ago, after the show's original co-creator literally could not believe the vast amount of potential material being issued on silver platters by today's leaders of the free world, so decided to give it a go for a US TV network. Read More >>

The Greatest What We Do in the Shadows Moments (So Far)

The only thing I didn’t like about What We Do in the Shadows’ first season? The commercial breaks! Rude interruptions aside, the FX series based on Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement’s brilliant 2014 movie was a consistently hilarious mockumentary about the mundane and occasionally macabre lives of Staten Island’s resident vampires. While we wait for season two, there’s no better time to revisit our favourite moments so far. Read More >>

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A Tipsy Wedding Guest Gains Some Very Wild Superpowers in This Funny Short

Who among us hasn’t had some kind of teary meltdown or earth-shattering epiphany at a wedding...especially during the reception, when one’s emotions can start flowing like free booze? Patrick Muhlberger’s The Katy Universe one-ups that experience by adding superpowers into the mix. Read More >>

Uber’s Turning One of its Cars Into a ‘Travelling Venue’ for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Tomorrow sees the start of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and for the next three and a half weeks the Scottish capital will transform into a hub of performance art. Most people also know it for the amount of stand-up comedy it produces, and this year Uber is getting in on the festivities. It's turning one of its cars into the city's 'smallest travelling venue'. Read More >>

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The World’s Crankiest Demon Fighter Is Back for More in Stan Against Evil Season 3

When last we saw Stan Against Evil’s titular curmudgeon (John C. McGinley), things were looking awfully apocalyptic in Willard’s Mill. At the press room and panel for the horror-comedy at Comic-Con, we learned a lot more about what to expect from season three, starting with this trailer: Read More >>

Comedian Sued by Husband for Joking About Relationship

A British comedian is being sued by her estranged husband for defamation after making reference to their faltering relationship in part of her on-stage routine. Read More >>

Ironic Book Trend Thankfully Collapses

In last year's financial figures, high street retailer WH Smith gave us the fantastic news that adult colouring books were dying on their arse. And we rejoiced. This year, there's some even better news about the death of an execrable trend -- the concept of ironic funny modern versions of classic books is cratering now. And we rejoice harder. Read More >>

The BBC’s Alan Partridge Documentary Sounds Serious

Ahead of 2018's new series of Partridge, the BBC is producing a documentary looking at the creation and ongoing success of the character, in a film that looks like it's going to be... serious. Read More >>

Bodger And Badger Star Andy Cunningham Has Died Aged 67

Andy Cunningham, creator, writer and human half of Bodger and Badger has died aged 67, it has been confirmed. The star had been sick with cancer for some time, his sister told PA. Read More >>

Learn The Secret Language Of Comedy Writers With This Handy Glossary

When we're absent-mindedly watching Peep Show repeats with a pizza on a Friday night (hello weekend plans), we don't tend to think much about how comedy writers write their comedy. But an ongoing guide from Emmy-winning scriptwriter Andy Riley – he of the suicidal bunnies, as well as writing for Veep, Black Books and loads more – has made us slightly obsessed with the niche language of the comedy writing room. Read More >>

Brexit Is More Divisive Than Religion, Says Comedian

It's an experience many of us have had in the comments underneath our Facebook posts: comedians delivering the same material on Brexit are finding they get wildly different responses depending on where the audience is from. Read More >>

10 of the Funniest Film Scenes of All Time

When I watch a funny film scene, I laugh. Sometimes really hard. Sometimes I might even remember the lines in a quiet moment of the day and chuckle to myself. But I’ll never think about those scenes as much as the folks from CineFix do. They dug really deep into the different methods films use to make us laugh and ranked what they think are the 10 funniest movie moments of all time. Read More >>

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Finally London Has a Pokémon-Themed Stand-Up Comedy Night

A Rapidash walks into a bar. "Why the long face?", asks the barman. Read More >>

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Watch Shoppers Freak Out at Talking Food Prank

Seth Rogen’s new animated film, Sausage Party, features supermarkets filled with produce that not only talk, but also have feelings—about being eaten alive. Read More >>

Where to Watch The Thick of It Online

Today was so much more than just Ed Balls Day. When former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone decided to sack off his gardening duties this morning, not even he could have known how much shit he was about to stir up. Read More >>