10 Obvious Superhero Weaknesses (That Supervillains Hardly Ever Exploit)

We think of superhero weaknesses as being fancy or complicated — radioactive fragments of their old home planets, or the people they love. And that’s why superheroes win. In fact, most superheroes have super-obvious weak points. Here are 10 obvious superhero weakness that villains almost never attack. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Black Panther Before Marvel’s Civil War

It’s going to be a good year for Marvel’s Black Panther. Not only is he getting an extremely promising new comic book series, in a few months he’s making his Marvel cinematic universe debut in Captain America: Civil War. If you’re not familiar with the superhero, king and Avenger, here’s your primer. Read More >>

Why Hawkeye And Other Non-Powered Superheroes Are Still Amazing

We've heard it pretty much every time Marvel's Avengers have been on the big screen. People point to Hawkeye and Black Widow and insist, "They shouldn't be here." Because what superhero team needs two normal humans? But those people are missing the point: Those heroes' normality is their greatest strength. Read More >>

A Visual Guide to Surviving Anime and Comic Book Conventions

We've already told you how to survive major tech shows, but anime and comic book conventions are a different beat altogether. From learning the proper geek speak to choosing a costume to wear, it's a world away from ogling smartphones and nabbing free USB sticks at an event like MWC. Read More >>

Myths, Monsters and Heroes: How Comic Books Were Influenced by the Stories From Our Past

It doesn’t take an expert in ancient cultures to draw parallels between the stories of our favourite comic book heroes and the demi-gods from Greek myths, prophets from religious traditions and monstrous characters from folk tales all over the globe. Read More >>

A Beginner’s Guide to Suicide Squad

With DC Comics’ Suicide Squad is heading to the big screen later this year, here’s Gizmodo’s handy guide to the runners and riders on modern comic book’s most popular set of anti-heroes, pulled out of prison and assembled as deniable assets by US government spy Amanda Waller… Read More >>

Nine of the UK’s Best Comic Book Shops From London to Edinburgh

Comic books aren't just for kids, as any card carrying True Believer will tell you. With that in mind, the folks over at Yelp (the online city guide and app) has this roundup of some of UK's best comic book shops, perfect if you're hunting for that limited edition copy of Radioactive Man. Read More >>

15 People Who Have Kicked Batman’s Arse

They say given enough time and resources, Batman can defeat anybody. But let's be clear — Batman doesn't always have the time to plan or the resources he needs, and thus Batman is hardly undefeated in his crime-fighting career. Here are 15 different DC characters, heroes and villains, who have handed the Dark Knight a few checks in his loss column. Read More >>

19 Weird and Wonderful Comic Book Adaptations Every Comic Fan Should Watch

For every good comic-book adaptation, ten embarrassingly bad ones are created as well, leaving comic book fans with a plethora of B-movie-mediocrity to trawl through. I've selected 19 weird, wonderful and laughably appalling adaptations that any die-hard comic fan (or newbie looking for a place to start) simply must see. Read More >>

How Batman’s Butler Alfred Evolved from a Joke Character to a Total Badass

Bruce Wayne has always been a vigilante and billionaire. Since a vigilante needs a lot of help around the house and a billionaire has the money to buy that help, most Batman fans assume that Alfred was in the comics from the beginning. Maybe he wasn’t in that first issue back in 1939, but surely he was always there, the trusty servant in the background who slowly developed into a main character in the Batman universe. Read More >>

Why Valiant Comics are a Fantastic Alternative To Marvel And DC

Marvel and DC have a near-monopoly on superhero comics. The two companies even have a joint copyright on the word “superhero”. But if you’re tired of the endless reboots, crossovers and revamps, then there’s an alternative. Valiant Comics has been kicking all kinds of ass lately. Read More >>

Can Superman’s Flying Powers be Explained With Real-World Physics?

Superman! He is a super man, man. Well, not really, he’s actually an alien called Kal-El. Though his name may sounds like an unknown keyboard shortcut his powers are near infamous, ranging from the awesome (flight, X-ray vision) to the absurd (turning back time ). Read More >>

From The Walking Dead to Saga: How Publisher Image Comics Took Over the Comic Book World

In 1933, two teenagers from Cleveland – writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster – created a character called Superman. You might have heard of him. Five years later they sold him to Detective Comics – later to become DC Comics – for $130 ($10 a page) and a contract to work for the company. They made a living for several years, admittedly, but realised as early as 1941 that they had lost control over their creation, who had already birthed an entire industry. In 1946 they sued, and lost. They sued again in 1967. And lost. Both fell on hard times. In 1975, by which time Shuster was legally blind, a number of prominent figures in the comics industry took up their cause. Fearing adverse publicity with the first Superman movie imminent, DC settled, granting Siegel and Shuster creator credit and a pension for life, but not ownership. Read More >>

The 10 Worst Parents in Superhero Comics

What makes a hero? Is it bravery? Sympathy for others? Uncompromising morals? Or is it just having really terrible parents? I’m not sure about the latter, but being raised by horrible people clearly doesn’t hurt. Here are 10 mothers and fathers that prove being a good guy clearly isn’t genetic. Read More >>

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How Gotham City Evolved Into the Worst Fictional City in America

This is cool. The Nerdwriter has chronicled the 75-year history of Batman’s hometown, from its humble beginnings as New York City (really!) to the crime-ridden, neo-gothic nightmare town we know today in the films, comics and video games. Read More >>