All the News You Might Have Missed at San Diego Comic Con 2017

This past weekend was the annual Comic Con in San Diego, the biggest event in the nerd calendar. The world of comics, film, TV, and general geek culture all squeeze into a single city to show off some of the stuff they have planned for the next six to twelve months. That means there's a lot of news, and despite the fact it took over Giz UK over the weekend, we didn't room for everything. So here's our rundown of all the big news we didn't have time for. Read More >>

Luke and Rey Are the First Star Wars: The Last Jedi Action Figures

It’s nearly time for a new Star Wars movie, which means we’re even closer to emptying our wallets all over some new Star Wars toys in the run up—and the show for The Last Jedi is kicking off a little early at Comic-Con with the change to get not one, but two new figures from movie. Read More >>

All the Biggest News from San Diego Comic Con 2016

Right now, on the other side of the planet, San Diego is playing host to one of the biggest events in geek culture. Again. That's right, San Diego Comic Con is back, bringing with it a figurative shit-tonne of film, TV, gaming, and comic-related news. There's a lot to get through, and we can't rightly expect you to have to trawl through our feed to find it all. Read More >>

Luke Cage Kicks Major Ass in a New Trailer for Marvel’s Black Superhero Show

The Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be expanding uptown to Harlem when Luke Cage debuts on September 30. The cast and creators of the show say that the character’s race, his adopted neighbourhood, and publishing history make Luke Cage a very different superhero adaptation. Read More >>

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The First Trailer for Marvel’s Defenders is Meaningless and You’ll Love it Anyway

What? Did you expect Marvel and Netflix to release a trailer for the Defenders with actual footage in it before the Luke Cage and Iron Fist are even out? Of course not. But you’ll still absolutely enjoy it, even if its big reveal is essentially font- and logo-based. Read More >>

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See Danny Rand’s Horrible, Horrible Life in the First Iron Fist Footage

Marvel’s has been pushing its Netflix shows hard at Comic-Con. We’ve had Luke Cage and a hint of Defenders. And now we have Danny Rand (Finn Jones) popping up as Iron Fist. Read More >>

Hot Toys May Have Accidentally Revealed a Crazy Suicide Squad Spoiler

Hot Toys, maker of preternaturally quality action figures, has its line of Suicide Squad toys on display at San Diego Comic-Con, as is standard procedure. What is less standard is that one of its figures is a character that hasn’t even been hinted at in all of Suicide Squad’s vast marketing, making it a bit of a spoiler. Read More >>

Marvel Might Return to Comic-Con With Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

For years, Marvel Studios was a staple at San Diego Comic-Con. Some years, though, like last year, they don’t attend to the displeasure of fans both at the convention and not. But this year, the directors of Marvel’s next two movies have all but confirmed they’ll be back. Read More >>

Everything We Spotted in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Comic Con Teaser

This week is a very special time for the nerd calendar. The annual International Comic Con is taking place over in San Diego, and that means all the big names from film, TV, gaming, and comics are discussing what they have planned over the next 12 months. Read More >>

It Takes 300 Officials to Ensure Comic Con Cosplay Guns Can’t Hurt People

This week's San Diego Comic Con is the biggest date in the geek calendar, expected to attract more than 130,000 visitors. And, like every large public event, security is a big concern. However, Comic Con's guests (compared to, say, your average sports fan or gig goer) complicate security procedures somewhat – with so many cosplay fans in attendance, the large majority of which bringing fake weapons along with their costumes, officials on site have to be especially vigilant in order to ensure no real dangerous weapons make their way into the show. Read More >>

Live From Comic Con

Gizmodo is on the ground at San Diego Comic Con. Follow us on Vine and Instagram for a floor-eye view of cool stuff like Rey’s speeder from the new Star Wars, the best cosplayers, crazy displays, packed panels and more. Read More >>

Classic Atari Games are Being Turned Into Comic Books

Whether it be failed Hollywood adaptations or surprisingly entertaining novelisations, games are no strangers to being reinterpreted for other mediums. Most of the time though, the creations are constrained by the nuances of story and character already established by the gaming properties. Which is what makes today's announcement from Dynamite Entertainment so intriguing; it's set to publish a string of comic book series based on classic Atari gaming franchises, games that essentially had little in the way of plot to begin with. Read More >>

Classic Godzilla Monsters Will be Appearing in New Films

The recent Godzilla reboot went down incredibly well, so it's hardly surprising that Legendary Pictures has confirmed that a sequel is on the way. That's not all, though, it has been confirmed that classic monsters Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah will all make appearances in the rebooted film franchise. Read More >>

Riotous Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Crashes Out of Comic-Con

Mad Max is the latest film series to be rebooted by an inspirationally bereft and risk averse Hollywood, with a lengthy trailer of the re-imagining appearing online ahead of its 2015 release. And, shock horror, George Miller's return to his burnt-out future is looking rather hot. Read More >>

The 17 Types of People You See at Any Nerd Convention

San Diego Comic Con has wrapped up and E3 has been long over, which means two of the biggest  global "nerd" conventions are gone until next year. That's okay! If you've ever been to a convention like that, maybe the MCM London, no matter how much fun you have, or think it will be, you'd know that going too often will take years off your life. But still, you'll miss the nerds dressed up, the celebrities you can't help but love and the people who take this stuff so seriously. Read More >>