Laika: Turning the Story of the First Dog in Space Into a Graphic Novel

In 2002, at the World Space Congress in Houston, Texas, one of the founding myths of the Space Race was finally exposed. Dr Dimitri Malashenkov, who had been part of the team working on Sputnik 2 in November 1957, revealed that, contrary to the official statements issued by the Soviet Union, the dog on board the satellite had not survived in orbit for a week. In truth, she had died about five hours after take-off, in a highly panicked state, falling victim to a combination of stress and a cabin temperature exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Read More >>

Chuck Palahniuk on Making Fight Club 2 a Comic Book

Chuck Palahniuk has something of a reputation. The author of 1996’s Fight Club writes blisteringly bleak comedies that satirise contemporary life while pushing the boundaries of taste. That novel mixed anti-capitalism, underground fighting and soap made from human fat into a molotov cocktail of a novel that exploded across the culture at the turn of the millennium – aided by David Fincher’s brilliant film adaptation, of which Palahniuk is a self-confessed fan. Read More >>