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The Star Wars Galaxy Can’t Stop Murdering Rogue One Characters

Beneath the murky patina of its war movie aesthetic, Rogue One is ultimately a film about the power of hope, an idealistic legacy that Star Wars has long championed. But it also feels like its immediate legacy more relates to the fact that the movie managed to kill off its primary cast, because Star Wars media can’t help but carry on that bloodlust. Read More >>

Looks Like the Spider-Man Comics Are Going to Use a Great Idea From the New Video Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a great game, in part because of the way it pushes and pulls familiar characters from Spidey’s comics universe in new and intriguing ways. And it turns out, one of those particular twists is also going to happen in the Amazing Spider-Man comic later this year. Read More >>

Erik Killmonger, Who Was Right, is the Star of a New Comics Series

Following in the industry trend of releasing a slew of limited series comics designed to capitalise on the box office success of live-action movies, Marvel’s just announced an all-new miniseries about the early life of Black Panther’s central villain. Read More >>

The Painful Poetry of My Favourite Daredevil Comics

In the 1980s, Marvel Comics editor Denny O’Neil had a problem: superstar writer Frank Miller was leaving Daredevil, the book he turned into a runaway sales hit. O’Neil had to find someone to write the book after Miller’s red-hot run. Ultimately, he started scripting the Man Without Fear’s book himself, turning out my favourite run on Marvel’s blind superhero. Read More >>

The Comic Book History Behind the New Spider-Man Game’s Unlockable Suits

There’s a lot to do in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Fight crime! Take pictures of famous landmarks (and yourself, doing cool things)! Unwittingly aid a surveillance state! But on top of all those, you can also unlock tons of suits from across Spidey’s history. Some are from movies, some are new to the game, but most have comic book roots and Gizmodo has put together a video and a post to explain them all to you. Read More >>

Iron Fist Season 2 Introduces a Cavalcade of New Characters From Marvel’s Comics

The way Netflix’s Marvel shows gradually introduce certain B and C-level supporting characters from the comic books into their universes has always been one of the most interesting things about them. Iron Fist’s second season continues in this tradition, but the specific characters introduced here could portend major things on the horizon for Marvel’s street-level heroes. Read More >>

All the Incredible New Comic Series to Cosy Up With This Autumn

We’re finally free from the sweltering heat of summer. Autumn is nearly upon us, with its falling leaves, cool breeze, and the saintly scent of petrichor in the air. We’re not scientists, but we’re pretty sure it’s scientific fact that these are the perfect conditions to read a tonne of new comics in. Good thing there are some on the way! Read More >>

West Coast Avengers Is the Team-Up Book I Didn’t Know I Needed Right Now

Superhero team-up series are, by their very nature, grand affairs. They’re about mighty heroes worthy of (and/or currently) starring in their own series, coming together to face insurmountable odds as something more than they are. West Coast Avengers is also like that, but scaled down to an endlessly charming point. Read More >>

Luke Cage Is Fighting an Enemy More People Need to Know About

Luke Cage’s impenetrable skin and super strength make him one of the most powerful brawlers in Marvel’s comics universe, but years of throwing himself at villains has led to a devastating problem for the hero — as well as one of his most interesting storylines yet. Read More >>

Wesley Snipes Has Been Talking About Those ‘New’ Blade Projects for a While Now

Have you heard the good news? Wesley Snipes told Vice he’s worked with Marvel to set up two Blade projects! But don’t get too excited just yet, because this is actually a drum that Snipes has been beating on for a long while now. Read More >>

Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski Wants to Focus on Entertainment, Not Politics

At this year’s TerrifiCon in Connecticut, Marvel Comics’ recently-appointed Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski sat down with comics writers Nick Spencer and Charles Soule, and reporter John Siuntres, to talk about the publishing company’s future. Read More >>

Your Guide to the Egyptian Superhero Universe of El3osba

Superheroes are a ubiquitous part of the global culture. Anywhere you go on this beautiful planet there is a pretty good chance you will spot a little kid with a Spider-Man backpack. No matter what language they’re speaking or what race they are, they share the same myths of men and women in funny outfits selflessly saving the world. Egypt is no exception. A group of Egyptian comic book nerds have begun building a comic universe of their own, representative of the experiences, challenges, and paradoxes that they and other Egyptians face. Read More >>

Marvel’s Making One of Its Most Racially-Problematic Characters Even More Complicated

Psylocke is one of Marvel Comics’ most instantly-recognisable characters across a variety of media, in large part because of the character’s distinct aesthetic that artists have developed for her over the past 40 years or so. Now, though, the psychic hero is majorly reinventing herself for the first time in decades in a way that illustrates how frozen in time and, frankly, racist a lot of her depictions have been in the past. Read More >>

The Road to Darth Vader’s Rebellion Begins With the Galaxy’s Most Savage Gift

We’ve all received crappy gifts for holidays and birthdays. But maybe none on the level of “this is so bad that one day I will completely defy you, shrug off your magical lightning attacks, lift you over my head, and throw you into the nearest random gaping shaft I can find.” Read More >>