Birmingham Wins Bids to Host 2022 Commonwealth Games By Default

Following in the footstep of Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, and Cardiff, it's been announced that Birmingham will host the Commonwealth Games in 2022. It was also the only city to apply, so it basically ran unopposed and won the bid by default. The two sweetest words in the English language... Read More >>

BBC Demos Future 4G Streaming TV of the Future

The Commonwealth Games, which will see the BBC test 4K broadcasts at a public event, is also being used to introduce a disbelieving population to the concept of streaming live TV events over the 4G network. Read More >>

Is Scotland’s Commonwealth Games Uniform Really That Bad?

That collection of fabrics there is the official uniform of the Scottish Commonwealth Games team, the outfit the athletes will be wearing when they take the walk out into the stadium for the first time. Is it a cutting-edge update of traditional wear, or a travesty of modern art that's gone too far? Read More >>

BBC Running Public 4K Broadcast for Commonwealth Games

The beeb missed the boat with a 4K World Cup, but it'll make up for it by showing the Commonwealth Games at UHD resolution. But it won't come on your telly, it'll be shown via a public 4K screening at the Glasgow Science Centre. [BBC] Read More >>

Glasgow Will Demolish its Tallest Buildings Live on International TV

When the Commonwealth Games come to Glasgow this July, the city wants to put its best foot forward. The city thus has plans to blow up the Red Road flats, an infamous and now largely abandoned housing project, as part of its opening ceremony. A growing backlash, however, asks whether dynamiting the Red Road flats should really be turned into a celebration. Read More >>

Commonwealth Games and World War I Join UK’s Coin Collection

The Royal Mint has shown off the new range of coins that'll be jingling about in our pockets with the rest of them in 2014, with the star being a new two pound coin featuring WWI recruitment figurehead Lord Kitchener. Yes, another man on our money, but we understand there's still a woman on the back of them all. Read More >>