‘Fanny’s Kebabs’ Denied Company Status

A Freedom of Information request placed with Companies House has delivered the goods, after someone had the idea of asking the business registrar for a list of names that it rejected for being too rude or suggestive. Read More >>

Entire Town Used in Mail Forwarding Porn Business Scam

The people of Consett, in County Durham, have a dark secret, with as many as 400 local residents blindly agreeing to sign up as official company directors in return for small payments and the job of forwarding any letters received to the organising kingpin. Read More >>

Fascinating Graphics Show Who Owns all the Major Brands in the World

All the biggest product brands in the world are owned by a handful of corporations. Food, cleaning products, banks, airlines, cars, media companies...all in their hands. These graphics show how everything is connected. Read More >>

Describing Tech Companies As File Menu Commands

Matt Gemmell, developer of Mac and iOS apps, created a little funny about tech companies and file menu commands. Using TextEdit's actual File menu, Gemmell used it to describe tech companies like Apple, Google, Samsung and more. My favourite might be describing HP as just a printing company. See the full picture here. [@MattGemmell] Read More >>

Apple ‘Pulls a Google’ and Lets Employees Build Their Own Personal Projects on Company Time

Google's world-famous '20 per cent time' has produced quite a lot of tools that we now take for granted -- just look at Gmail and Google Maps. Now Apple's apparently caved into the idea too, and is letting certain employees take time off work to develop special projects, not necessarily related to Apple, called 'Blue Sky'. Read More >>

Check Out the Original Logos From These 10 Brands

A picture can paint a thousand words, but a logo only needs to say one. It might take a few decades for these companies to refine their style, but they've come a long way in finding their visual voice. Read More >>

How Much It Cost to Design Famous Logos

Some companies think logos and branding are so important that they spend millions and millions on designing them. Other companies go with something simple and end up spending nothing. The funny thing? It's usually the companies that spend little on designing logos that become the most iconic brands. Read More >>

The Original Logos of Tech Companies Were All Terrible

A lot of the giant technology brands and companies you know and love today didn't look anything like they do now when they first started. Just look at their original logos: almost always butt ugly, but slowly grew into what they are now. Here are the humblest beginnings for all to see: Read More >>

Do You Notice the Logo or the Name of These Brands?

Combining two logos into one brand can be a little inelegant, a bit awkward and most definitely forced, like making a sumo wrestler take trapeze classes. Just look at these mash up logos created by Tommaso Guerra, I don't know what I'm seeing anymore! What matters more in a brand, the name of the company or its former logo? Read More >>