Ambulance GPS Outs Bike Crash Compensation Fraudster

Luboya Tshibangu did fall off his bike in December of 2012 in the Cardiff Bay area, that much everyone agrees on. The problem for Tshibangu is that he said he hit a pothole that was 1km away from where the ambulance scraped him up, a fact verified by the ambulance's GPS. Read More >>

Fake Food Poisoning Claims Could Get Brits Banned From All-in Holiday Deals

Suspiciously high numbers of claims of food poisoning when troughing out at the hotel buffet have been coming in, with only the British travellers complaining of becoming ill at some all-inclusive holiday destinations -- causing hotel operators to accuse us of becoming a nation of compensation-chasing liars. Read More >>

Owner of Satellite On Doomed SpaceX Rocket Wants £38 Million

Facebook wasn’t the only satellite owner who saw millions go up in smoke when a SpaceX rocket exploded on a Cape Canaveral launch pad last Thursday. In addition to Facebook’s satellite intended to bring internet to an entire continent, Spacecom, an Israeli-based satellite operator, had a satellite onboard. Read More >>

Rail Regulator Says Train Companies are Hiding Refund Clauses — and Keeping £100m Compo Kitty to Themselves

The Office of Rail Regulation is looking into forcing train companies to be more open about their refund policies for delays and cancellations, suggesting that current rail franchises try to hide refunds terms from travellers -- saving them from paying out up to £100m in compensation. Read More >>

Microsoft Offers £50 of Credit for Delayed UK Surface Tablet Orders

Microsoft has got itself into a bit of a pickle and is trying to buy its way out, as usual, offering £50 of shopping credit to anyone who hasn't received their Windows RT Surface hardware on the claimed launch day. Read More >>

O2 Says Sorry For the Outage With Compensation For All (Update: and GiffGaff)

O2 suffered a serious network outage that ran over two days last week, cutting 100,000s of users off from their mobile data, text and calling fix. To say sorry, every O2 customer is going to get a £10 voucher, plus those who were directly affected by the cock-up are going to get 10 per cent back on their bill. Read More >>

Five Lucky Facebook Users Share £6m Compo Jackpot Over Privacy Invasion

Those random law suits people file against major corporations do occasionally pay off, it seems, with Facebook ordered to hand out a whopping £6m in compensation to a handful of users who complained about having their data improperly harvested. Read More >>

Family of Man Who Died Mid-Threesome Wins £2 Million In Compensation

In a story that could only take place in the lawsuit capital of the world, America, the family of a man who died while having it away with two other women (who weren't his wife), has won compensation from his doctor. Read More >>