Vodafone Is Officially The Worst, Says Ofcom League Table

It's a bad day for Vodafone, which has just topped Ofcom's league table of the most-complained-about providers for both broadband and landlines. Read More >>

TalkTalk, Vodafone, and BT Top Ofcom’s Broadband, Mobile, and TV Complaints Lists

As many of you will be aware, Ofcom is responsible for complaints levelled against telecoms companies. Complaints about all sorts of things, be it terrible service, nuisance calls, unsuitable content on TV, you name it. Being a public organisation, Ofcom regularly published reports on all those complaints with the latest arriving yesterday. Topping the complaints charts for broadband, mobile, and paid TV services were TalkTalk, Vodafone, and BT respectively. Read More >>

Angry Commuter Automates Social Shaming of Train Companies

A man, fed up of not getting a sit down on his train to work in the morning, is trying to make a difference. That man is Nick Schutz and he knows how to make a mobile phone application for iOS. Read More >>

Fast Food Rap Chicken Tops Most Complained Ads List

The Advertising Standards Authority has taken all of January to do the maths, but it's finally here -- the list of the most complained about adverts of 2017. Ironic meat ads and same-sex kisses are what got the complainers of the country angry enough to fire off their best furious emails. Read More >>

BT and its Offshoots Top Quarterly Broadband Complaints Chart

The subscribers of BT, Plusnet and EE were the angriest broadband users of the last quarter, as Ofcom data reveals that the three ISPs -- BT and the two also owned by BT -- generated the most complaints. Read More >>

The Mystery of the Hissing iPhone 7s

Is your iPhone hissing? Some are reporting that the iPhone 7 is doing just that when it’s pushed to the limits of its processing power. According to 512 Pixels, this is what that sounds like. Read More >>

Ofcom’s Complaints Report Shames the UK’s Problem Telecoms and Pay TV Firms

Ofcom’s latest report shows off how many complaints it received from consumers about the UK’s biggest telecoms and pay TV players between October and December 2015. Super-short summary: worried EE, Vodafone, BT and TalkTalk execs are probably huddled around some long, polished desks somewhere, trying not to get distracted by the lovely nibbles on offer. Not good news for them. Read More >>

Delayed Commuters Sent 280,000 Angry Tweets to Train Companies in 2014

The first job of the day for 400,000 Londoners was to get on Twitter and moan about the delays, lack of seating, cost of the journey and shoddy pasty flavour availability that ruined their commute, according to stats that track social media interaction with rail firms. Read More >>

Woman Abused by Ukip Haters in Mobile Phone Advert Mix-up

An "unfortunate printing error" has been blamed for sticking an innocent lady's mobile phone number on a Ukip poster, leading to her receiving "disgusting and abusive calls" from those who dislike the booming political party. Read More >>

Cross-Species Lesbian Kisses in Doctor Who Ruled OK by Regulator

Six angry parents stuck watching Doctor Who last weekend complained to Ofcom about an incident where a female lizard thing kissed a human woman, although the TV regulator has said that it won't be taking the matter further. Read More >>

EE Denies Shuffling Complaints Offline to Save Face

Mobile network EE has refuted allegations that it channels people moaning about its service into private chat windows to keep complaints hidden from view, saying it only does so when it needs personal information to deal with a problem. Read More >>

“At Least Half” of Police Time Used on Social Media Complaints

The efforts of front-line police to control the masses is moving online, with one police chief suggesting that the majority of police time is now being spent dealing with internet abuse. Read More >>

Miserable Work Commuters Blamed for Disastrous Rail Satisfaction Survey

Over half of the UK's rail franchises scored dismal customer satisfaction scores in a recent survey, with contentment levels at under 50 per cent on 11 of our 19 rail networks -- and one rail company having the audacity to suggest it's because trains take us to work and we hate working. Hence the misery. Nothing to do with being endlessly ripped off, then? Read More >>

BT Becomes the Most Complained About Broadcaster, Thanks to Broken BT Sport Launch

The arrival of BT Sport and all the hassle it brought with it saw complaints about BT's TV services more than double, as the phone giant made a bit of a mess of its transition to sports broadcaster. Read More >>

Ad Standards Rules Fairy Liquid *Does* Last Twice as Long as Other Brands

One of our longest-running advertising slogans was put in the spotlight recently, thanks to corporate giants Unilever and Procter & Gamble battling over claims regarding the popular soapy liquid's endurance. Read More >>