How the Geometry of Movies Can Change the Way We Think

Circles. Triangles. Squares. Those aren’t the things you expect to see in a film, but they've been using shapes to subtly influence emotion for a long time. Circles are lovable, triangles are evil, and squares are boring. Now You See It highlights the geometry used in shots to show you how movies use shapes to manipulate your feelings. Read More >>

This App Shows You What Your Photos Will Look Like With Any Lens

Sometimes when shooting or conceptualising a scene, it's hard to visualise composition without actually looking through a specific lens. This new iPhone app shows you just how hundreds of lenses will see your subject. Read More >>

Here’s What Everything Is Made Of. Everything!

We've all heard that we're made of the same stuff as stars, so it probably doesn't seem as mind blowing as it used to. But it really is amazing. Science! This infographic from Visually shades the periodic table to show which elements are presents in the ocean, a person, the atmosphere, and more. Read More >>