Met Office Prepares for £1.2bn Forecasting Supercomputer

The Met Office is already scrolling through supercomputer catalogues with an eye on replacing its current £97m supercomputer, and is about to invest a staggering £1.2 billion of government funding on an even super-er-computer that'll be able to tell us it's raining in less time than ever and then freeze and spin around the actual droplets in bullet time, and you'll be able to see the shed reflected in the droplets. Read More >>

Someone Talk Me Out of Spending £680 on Some Keyboard Caps

I need your help. When I get anxious, I like to buy things. I’ve been good about it for the last few years. I buy a sofa – because I need a sofa. Or I buy a new computer case because my old one is too big for the space where I’m putting the computer. Sometimes, I’ll blow money on a much pricier and more useless item. Keycaps. I love to spend more money than I should on the caps that go on a keyboard, and right now there’s a set of keycaps I would very much like to own. Read More >>

Five of the Worst Ways People Have Tried to Fix Their Computers

Sometimes your computer breaks. It happens. You spill something, or drop something, or you try to boot up and nothing happens. Many of us resolve the issue with a liberal use of Google, and others take the failing device to a person trained to fix computers. And some people thoroughly screw up their device trying to fix it themselves, and then take it to a repair shop. Read More >>

Patent Hints Apple May Be Cooking Up a Curvy Glass iMac

The iMac is due for a redesign, and a recent Apple patent hints at an all-in-one desktop made from a single sheet of curved glass. Interestingly, the patent also accounts for potentially built-in keyboards and touchpads, and also the possibility of using the device as a display dock for a MacBook. Read More >>

Using a DNA-Based ‘Computer’, Scientists Get the Square Root of 900

Using a computer-like system made from engineered DNA, scientists have computed the square root of 900. Read More >>

Redesigned Thermal Paste Syringes Are Supposed To Look Less Like Drug Paraphernalia

We’ve all been there as a teenager. What starts as a nerdy afternoon building a fancy new gaming PC ends up with a stint in rehab after your parents assume those tiny syringes full of thermal paste mean you’re doing the drugs. Cooler Master is apparently tired of all the confusion, so it’s redesigned its thermal paste applicators to look less like drug paraphernalia. Read More >>

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CES 2020: Foldable Phones and PCs Are Just Tablets

I will admit I’m partially to blame. I’ve edited a lot of Gizmodo stories about the new category of devices that look like a laptop or phone when closed, but open up into impressive-looking tablets. In the course of editing those stories, I have furthered the characterisation of these devices as folding phones and PCs. The companies call them that, and we reporters refer to them as such for the sake of accuracy. Read More >>

Apple Sues Former Chip Designer, Who Says Apple also Spied on His Texts

Let it be said, Apple is not afraid to take people to court. The company’s latest beef involves Gerard Williams, a former employee who purportedly spearheaded the design for Apple’s A-series processors. You know, the itty bits of silicon that have powered Apple’s marquee gadgets since the iPhone 5S. Read More >>

AMD and Intel Could Be Screwed By New Chinese Mandate Forbidding Foreign Technology

Following the U.S. ban that prohibited domestic companies from supplying equipment to Huawei back in May, the technological Cold War between the U.S. and China just became a bit more intense now that Beijing has ordered all Chinese government and public-facing offices to replace any equipment featuring foreign components. Read More >>

You Can Order Apple’s Mac Pro and Its Killer Display This Week

Apple’s much-anticipated beast of a machine, the Mac Pro, and its corresponding badass new display, the Pro Display XDR, will be available to order on 10 December, per a promo the company emailed to customers. Read More >>

Dell’s Latest Pro-Grade Monitor Has a Built-in Colourimeter and Thunderbolt 3

For high-end content creators, making sure your work’s colours are on point is a never-ending battle. So to make things a bit easier, Dell has created what it says is the world’s first 27-inch 4K monitor with a built-in colourimeter and Thunderbolt 3. Read More >>

I Miss the OLPC, a Little Laptop That Dreamed Bigger Than It Could Deliver

It never came close to realising its creators’ aspirations of developing a cheap laptop that could introduce kids from all over the world – even those in developing nations – to the personal computer. But the OLPC XO-1, the first device released by the One Laptop Per Child organisation, remains one of the most fascinating and curious gadgets in my personal collection. Read More >>

All the New Microsoft Surface Goodies Announced Today

It’s the busiest time of year for gadget makers, Microsoft included. We had some idea of what Microsoft had in store for today thanks to some well-timed leaks, details were thin. But now that Surface Event 2019 is underway, here’s everything we know about the latest and greatest Surface products. Read More >>

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A Peek Into the Soviet Computer Revolution

One of the largest and coolest collections of Soviet computers in the world resides in a flat in Mariupol, Ukraine. Dmitriy Cherepanov started Club 8-bit with a small collection of computers built when the Soviet bloc was crafting its own personal computers. Read More >>

MIT Researchers Build Functional Carbon Nanotube Microprocessor

Scientists at MIT built a 16-bit microprocessor out of carbon nanotubes and even ran a program on it, a new paper reports. Read More >>