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This Engineer Obsessively Restores His Gigantic Collection of Vintage Computers

Marc Verdiell is obsessed with clunky, vintage computers. He has over a hundred pieces in his collection, mostly early HP and IBM computers and test equipment, which he cleans, repairs, and displays in his extremely tidy basement. The standout, of course, is the Xerox Alto from the 1970s. Read More >>

Playing This New Sim On a PC Is Meta As Hell

Building a computer is a lot like making a delicious omelette, only the eggs are solid-state drives and cost a lot. Instead of spending what could amount to thousands of pounds on your first custom PC build for gaming at insane resolutions and blazing fast framerates, fire up your ultrabook and spend your pocket money on PC Building Simulator which lets you do all the hard work of computer building while reaping no tangible reward. Read More >>

Windows VP Terry Myerson Out as Major Shakeup Hits Microsoft

After 21 years leading the server, Exchange, and most recently the Windows and Devices teams, longtime vice president Terry Myerson is leaving Microsoft as the company pursues a major restructuring of its entire business. Read More >>

Apple Finally Starts Selling the iMac Pro’s Sweet Space Grey Keyboard and Mouse

Sporting a 27-inch 5K display, up to an 18-Core CPU, and 128GB of RAM, there’s no doubt the iMac Pro is a pretty drool-worthy computer. But strangely, the coolest thing about the iMac Pro wasn’t the system itself—it was the space grey peripherals that came with it. Read More >>

Currys to Stop Charging People for Turning Their Laptops on

The Currys/PC World/Carphone Warehouse conglomerate of everything electrical has apologised for one particular shady technique it's been guilty of using for years, with customers no longer finding themselves hit with setup fees of as much as £40 to have their new laptops booted up for a pre-purchase check. Read More >>

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Raspberry Pi Unveils an Upgraded Pi 3 Board for Pi Day

Today is the 14th March, which translates into 3/14 if you're one of the minority of people that write down dates in the least sensible manner possible. That makes it Pi Day, and because it's Pi Day the Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced an upgraded version of the Model 3 board. Even if they're based in the UK, and should really be writing the date as 14/3. Read More >>

We’ve Entered a New Era of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing might be nascent, but recent advancements have brought us into a new age. And every new era needs a name. So when future computing historians look back on the era starting around 2017, they’ll have a word to describe it: the NISQ era. Read More >>

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Here Comes CES 2018, the Biggest Gadget Show in the World—What to Expect

In just a few days, upwards of 175,000 industry insiders, exhibitors, and members of the media will once again descend upon Las Vegas in attempts to set the pace of tech for the next 12 months. Not only will some of the world’s largest and most influential companies such as Samsung, LG, Ford, and others be in attendance, Vegas will also temporarily become home to more startups than anywhere else on the planet, all fighting for the kind of attention that could make or break their fledgling endeavours. Past breakouts include everything from an automatic wireless breast pump to virtual reality headsets, while other much-hyped debuts are still trying to make their good on their promises. Read More >>

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All the Annoying Tech Chores You Need to Do When You Have Time

Like your car, or your kitchen, your tech devices will run best when they’re maintained properly—and that means finding time to do all those low-level maintenance tasks that aren’t much fun, but can keep everything stable and smooth, and avoid problems in the future. Read More >>

Nearly a Quarter of All Bitcoins Are Locked Away With Little Hope of Recovery

We've all heard stories online about people who bought Bitcoin for a few quid back in the days before anyone actually cared, only to have forgotten or lost the recovery keys somehow - losing themselves potentially millions of pounds. Have you wondered just how much Bitcoin is locked away, almost never to be seen again? Roughly 23 per cent, which is no small number. Read More >>

My Adventure With an 11-Year-Old Thinkpad

I’m sitting here, looking at a screen that’s way too tall waiting, seconds turning into minutes, just so I can log into Windows. Thank god I didn’t have to cold boot. Five minutes later, when my laptop finally approaches a functioning state, I reach down to move the mouse cursor over the Slack icon only to be greeted with a bare patch of hard black plastic — then I remember my 11-year-old Thinkpad doesn’t even have a touchpad. This isn’t going to be nearly as fun as I thought. Do I even try to install Photoshop? Screw it, let’s go nuts. But before getting any deeper in this wasteland of retro tech, let me back up and explain how I got here. Read More >>

What the Hell Is a Quantum Computer and How Excited Should I Be?

They will never sit on your desk, and they will most certainly never fit in your pocket. Today, they’re fragile, and need to be kept at temperatures close to absolute zero. Quantum computers aren’t much like the desktop PCs we’re all so familiar with—they’re whole new kind of machine, capable of calculations so complex, it’s like upgrading from black-and-white to a full colour spectrum. Read More >>

25 Years On, We Asked Lenovo About The ThinkPad

The ThinkPad is 25 years old. The first ThinkPad may not have been the first laptop, but it was the first with a colour display. Along the way, there's been a swathe of pioneering innovations — the first CD and DVD, the first Wi-Fi, the first laptop into space. Read More >>

Ada Lovelace: The World’s First Computer Programmer Was a Victorian Mother of Three

Does the name Ada Lovelace ring any bells? No? Seeing as you're reading this on a computer, tablet or smartphone, it should. The Victorian mother-of-three, born 1815, was the world's first ever computer programmer. Read More >>

Wait, Logitech is Cool Now?

If you’re reading Giz, then chances are that you’re the sort of person who has a box, or boxes, in your house full of old tech. Clunky wired keyboards, speakers from an old desktop PC, and dozens of adaptors, leads and plugs for peripherals that have long been rendered redundant. And the chances are, many of them are made by Logitech. Read More >>