Goodyear’s Concept Tires Harvest Heat to Power Your Car

In the world of electric cars, efficiency is king — wasted energy is just more miles you can't travel. While regenerative braking is old news, regenerative tires that use heat and vibration to recharge the battery would be something completely new. Read More >>

Building a Hyperloop Test Track Next Year is a Beautiful Delusion

One of several startups endeavouring to build Elon Musk's Hyperloop vision thinks it can start building a test track to demonstrate and develop the idea next year. That's a lovely sounding idea, but let's file this plan under "insanely hypothetical". Read More >>

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This MagLev Hoverboard is Crowdfunding Rides for £60 a Go

Hill Valley residents had them by 2015, so the fact that US startup Arx Pax reckons it will be shipping hoverboards to the populous by next October means we're reassuringly on schedule with our science-fiction technology needs. Read More >>

Would You Like to Jump From Low-Earth-Orbit Using This Awesome Suit?

Fearless Felix Baumgartner's jump was truly amazing but, at about 127,000 feet, it wasn't from orbit—not even low Earth orbit. Maybe one day someone will beat his record with this re-entry emergency suit. Can you imagine being inside as you plunge into Earth's atmosphere and everything turns into fire? Read More >>

This Sneaky Waste Bin Lid Lures Flies to Their Death

Just like Romeo and Juliet, flies are tragically destined to crave their one true love: pungent, mouldy, rotten rubbish. And thanks to this ingenious trash can design that traps flies only to have them starve. Read More >>

You’ll Need to Pull Some Strings to Sit in This Chair

As the old adage goes: If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Well this furniture concept by Chinese designer Hui Chun Chen flips that idea on its head– this chair is broken, so you have to fix it everytime you want to sit in it. Read More >>

This Six Wheeled Pram Can Roll Up and Down Stairs

Navigating a city with a child in a pram is hard enough, but imagine doing the same with a set of twins. Those double-child-prams are like driving a miniature bus, and you'll always be on the hunt for ramps, elevators, or a long way around a set of stairs. It's a problem that designer Jade Olsson may have just created a solution for—thanks to her six-wheeled T(w)o Go stroller concept, which can keep rolling right on up a flight of stairs. Read More >>

Let’s Hope Apple’s iOS 7 Music App Is Half as Clever as This Concept

If there's anything the internet has waxed poetic about wanting—nay—needing to see on the upcoming iOS 7 release, it's a general flat design overhaul. But while that's a completely valid demand, we've yet to hear too much about how Apple might address specific features in need of major functionality tuneups—until now, that is. Read More >>

Tangible Alarm Smartphone Dock: Shove to Snooze

It's early morning. Your phone is screaming at you. Unless you open you eyes and seek out some the right little virtual button, it'll never stop. But the Tangible Alarm could bring back the eyes-closes snooze-button flailing of days gone by. Read More >>

This Twisted Cabinet Wants to Strut Across Your Living Room

If you're not living inside some kind of Beauty and the Beast nightmare, all your furniture is mercifully inanimate, but the Walking Cabinet gets you halfway there. It won't actually stroll across your living room, but it looks like it wants to. Read More >>

An iPhone in Different Colours Looks Fantastically Fun

I've never wanted an iPhone in different colours. Black with a tint of gloss or white with a silver lining has always been plenty enough. But then I saw these renders of what an iPhone in different colours would look like and man, a red iPhone looks like so much fun. Read More >>

BMW Concept
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This is What an Insane 42-Wheel, 19-Engine BMW Would Look Like

Car manufacturers the world over have two sides to them. The big corporate money-grubbing accountancy side, and the creative, we-can-do-anything concept side. BMW just showed how awesome it is, by fulfilling one kid's crazy fantasy with the best concept I've ever seen. Read More >>

The 10 Sexiest Concept Cars Ever

One of the bizarre things about automotive R&D is that companies burn a huge amount of time and money designing things that never get built. I speak, of course, of concept cars: stunningly beautiful machines dripping with sex appeal and infeasibly dramatic angles that never get built. Here are 10 of the all-time greats. Read More >>

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What If iOS Had Windows Phone 8-Style Live Tiles?

Apple's sat on its laurals for ages with the iPhone. Hell, iOS has barely changed since it was first launched. But what if Apple 'pulled a Microsoft' and spat out something akin to Live Tiles for the iPhone's home screen. It'd probably look awesome like this. Read More >>

Fox News (Falsely) Reports iPhone 5 Will Have Laser Keyboard and Holographic Images

Loyal viewers of Fox 5 news will be pretty disappointed come September 21, when they discover their shiny new iPhone 5s have exactly none of the sweet features the NYC Fox affiliate has reported the phone to have. Read More >>