Deutsche Bahn Imagines Future Trains With Built In Gyms And Big Screen TVs

When you thing of luxurious trains in this country, you'll probably imagine something with nice chairs, a table, and free wi-fi that isn't slower than a stoned snail. In Germany things might be a bit different, because Deutsche Bahn has just announced its vision for trains with big TV screens, gym equipment, and other such luxuries. Read More >>

Renault’s Car of the Future is Also a Spare Room for Your House

Renault has released a load of concept images of a car it calls the Symbioz, an all-electric (obviously), self-driving (obviously), connected vehicle (obviously), that when it's not being driven is designed to be hung out in like tent, small caravan or a little loft room (randomly). Read More >>

The Future Of Flying Cars Looks Like South Park’s Buttmobile

This is the AirQuadOne. It's a flying car concept that Wired is calling 'serious'. Read More >>

Honda’s New Experimental Motorcycle Can Balance All By Itself Like Magic

If you’ve ever pushed a bike down a hill, you know that two-wheeled vehicles can balance themselves when traveling at higher speeds. It’s when you’re riding slower that balancing gets a little more challenging, unless your motorcycle’s equipped with Honda’s new experimental Riding Assist technology so it automatically balances itself. Read More >>

This Machine Creates a Custom Perfectly-Sized Box For Whatever You’re Shipping

The internet’s full of stories of tiny products being shipped to customers in absurdly oversized boxes. It’s not only a waste of cardboard, it’s also a waste of cargo space as the products are being shipped. But a company called Slimbox thinks it has the solution with a machine that creates custom, perfectly-sized boxes on demand. Read More >>

Honda’s NeuV Electric Concept Has Feelings and Can Drive Itself

Honda's decided that the Consumer Electronic Show is where electric self-driving cars belong, so that's where we'll see the NeuV for the first time in January. It's described as being an "EV commuter vehicle equipped with artificial intelligence" so even when travelling alone there will be someone to argue with about what sort of music to listen to. Read More >>

The Mercedes-Benz “Van of the Future” Has Rooftop Drones for the Kids to Vandalise

A really quite beautiful upgrade of the white van has been assembled by the futurists and conceptualists at Mercedes-Benz, who've imagined up a van that loads itself and has rooftop drones for picking out the packages and dumping them on the inaccessible rooftops of shoppers. Read More >>

Most Americans Are Still Fearful of a Transhumanist Brave New World

Most American adults are nervous about the prospect of enhancing humans beyond normal capacities, a new Pew Research Center poll reveals. But while many of those surveyed expressed concerns about brain-boosting chips and designer babies, a significant number had a positive view of technology’s ability to transform humans and society. Read More >>

The Original Xbox Controller Could’ve been Worse

One of the key men behind the launch of the entire Xbox division at Microsoft has treated fans to a bit of history, revealing a few design concepts for controllers to accompany the first generation Xbox -- including one that copied the Dreamcast's innovative plug-in miniature memory-card-with-a-screen idea. Read More >>

A Multi-Screen Smartwatch Might Actually Be a Brilliant Idea

The dual-screen Nintendo DS wasn’t warmly received when first revealed, but it’s gone on to be one of the company’s best-selling consoles. And a team of researchers have come up with a convincing argument as to why a smartwatch might actually be improved with two screens as well. Read More >>

Your Next Phone Might Have a Holographic Glasses-Free 3D Display

Holograms are still mostly science-fiction fodder, but researchers at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab have developed a prototype smartphone that uses holographic technology to display dynamic 3D images without the need for head tracking or annoying glasses. Read More >>

Report: Google’s Parent Company Has 100 People Working on its City of the Future

After dropping hints at a recent event that the Google parent company Alphabet might be building its own urban-scale laboratory, Sidewalk Labs CEO Don Doctoroff confirmed that a plan to build a city is in motion, and it’s named “Project Sidewalk”. Read More >>

Goodyear’s Spherical Concept Tyres are Like Cheat Codes for Driving

In this version of driving in the future, cars use magnetic levitation and roll around on big spheres. Please put me in cryostasis until this actually exists. Read More >>

Genius Charging Cable Works on Both iOS and Android Devices at the Same Time

Before USB Type-C replaces every charging cord you have to wrangle, the LMcable promises to play nice with both iOS and Android devices at the same time. Its brilliantly engineered connector supports Lightning ports, and microUSB ports, at the same time, without the need for adapters. Read More >>

Sony’s Latest Concepts Imagine a Creepy Future

Sony showed off three new concepts at the Mobile World Congress today, but they all share one thing in common: They’re a little bit creepy. Read More >>