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The Last Concorde Comes Home to Bristol

British Airways' Alpha Foxtrot, the very last Concorde to be built, has arrived at its new home in Filton, Bristol, where it was made. Read More >>

NASA’s First X-Plane is a Bold Step Towards the Resurrection of Supersonic Air Travel

NASA has been on a years-long mission to replace the Concorde, which was decommissioned in 2003 over concerns that it was uneconomical and too loud. But the agency's new series of bullet-shaped “X-planes” could make the super-high-speed phoenix rise from Concorde's ashes. Read More >>

RIP Tony Benn, Early Advocate of the British Computing Industry

Tony Benn, Labour party politician and former Cabinet Minister has died, aged 88. While Benn will largely be remembered for his often-radical left-wing stance, Benn was also among the first British politicians to predict the importance of having a solid computing industry in the country. Read More >>

Five Supersonic Concepts That’ll Get You to New York By Tea-Time

The 10th anniversary of Concorde's last flight sadly means it's been 10 years since your average (albeit wealthy) Joe could travel faster than the speed of sound. Although Concorde isn't going to be taking off any time soon, these supersonic concepts might fill that sonic-boom sized hole in your heart -- and for a damn sight cheaper, too. Read More >>

How Supersonic Flight Went From Mysterious Danger to Champagne at 56,000 Feet

The 10th anniversary of Concorde's last flight passed recently, and while many long, flowing euologies were written about British Airway's most famous plane, everyone seems to have forgotten that Concorde, whilst impressive, was just one in a long line of supersonic planes. Heck, it wasn't even the first commercial supersonic plane to fly. Read More >>

The Last Supersonic Flight of the Concorde Was 10 Years Ago Today

We were promised supersonic flights. Today, we stay well below the speed of sound. We were promised transatlantic flights from New York to London in three and a half hours. Today, that flight takes us seven hours. We were promised the future of flying. That future hasn't existed for 10 years. The last flight of the Concorde was on October 24, 2003, we've been flying on slow-haul planes since. Read More >>

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The Concorde Story—The Documentary

Time to kill? Like planes? Watch this old documentary on the story of the Concorde, the first and only turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner in history. The 20 planes flew for 27 years, mainly between London Heathrow and Paris-Charles de Gaulle to New York JFK. Read More >>

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The Concorde’s Soviet Older Sister That Just Couldn’t Stop Crashing

When you think of super sonic flight, you probably first think of the Concorde. But that wasn't the first super sonic transporter and it certainly wasn't the first commercial plane break the sound barrier. Those honours belong to the Tupolev TU-144, the USSR's only super sonic transport. Read More >>

Undercover Engineers: The Resurrection of Concorde

In Manchester Airport’s Aviation Viewing Park sits Concorde G-BOAC, known as ‘Alpha Charlie’. It is an engineering marvel; a feat of Anglo-French avionic brilliance that could cross the Atlantic in under three hours. Yet since 2003, it and the other 19 Concordes once in service have become tourist exhibits leased to airports and museums by British Airways and Air France. Read More >>