Why Twisted Graphene Is One of the Most Exciting Physics Stories of the Year

Just a year ago, scientists presented results that seemed almost too good to be true: Carbon sheets only a single atom thick, called graphene, took on a pair of important physical properties when they were twisted at just the right “magic” angle relative to one another. If the atmosphere this month at the world’s largest physics conference was any indication, twisted graphene has now spawned an entirely new field of physics research. Read More >>

Experimenters Observe Strange Magnetic Phenomenon First Predicted in the 1930s

Scientists have experimentally observed a physical concept that was first theorised in 1931 for the first time—one that could result in important applications in quantum computing and even the study of string theory. Maybe. Read More >>

A Bizarre Soviet-Era Theory About Nesting Matter is Actually Right

Here's your dose of mind-bending physics for the day. In 1970, a young Soviet physicist named Vitaly Efimov proposed a trio of ultracold particles could arrange themselves in an "infinite nesting-doll configuration." Scientists have now published compelling evidence that this state of matter, once dismissed by physicists, does indeed exist. Read More >>