Would You Use a Male Contraceptive Pill?

Whilst the options for female contraception are almost confusingly many, blokes are stuck with either old faithful, or, in extremis, snipping some pretty vital plumbing. However, scientists in Australia say they're close to the anti-condom-brigade's holy grail: a Pill for guys. Question is, would you bother? Read More >>

Do You Reckon These Bacon Condoms Are an Early April Fool’s?

With the first of next month just round the corner, it's quite possible that these bacon condoms are nothing but a joke. In fact, I dearly hope that they're a joke, because the alternative -- a condom that 'makes your meat look like meat' really existing is terryifying and undoubtedly signals the end of civilisation as we know it. Read More >>

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These One-Handed Condom Wrappers Need to Exist

Technology moves forward in leaps and bounds, but some designs never change. Which is why thousands of men embarrass themselves on a daily basis as they struggle to open condom packaging. That's why these one-handed wrappers need to exist. Read More >>

Will ‘Viagra in a Condom’ Make People Like Using Them?

The rubber, the cock sock, the goalie, the love glove, the salami sling. No matter how many adorable monikers it gets, no one really likes a condom very much. Read More >>