Condom Company Promises to Eradicate All Baby Photos From Social Media

Condom maker Skyn has had an idea that might get in the news seeing as we're well into royal baby news/photos backlash territory; automating the blocking of all baby photos on Facebook. Read More >>

Condoms Recalled Due to Bursting Threat

If you happen to have a batch of unused condoms lying about slowly reaching the end of their shelf life, your luck might finally be in – Durex is recalling several batches of them. So you can get your money back, or a new batch of condoms to sit around gradually reaching the end of their shelf life. Read More >>

Amazon’s 24-Hour Condom Deal Saves You From Parenthood, Bankruptcy

If all you want for Christmas is sleep, time and money (that'll be everyone then), Amazon has a festive 24-hour special for you. Read More >>

black friday
Amazon’s Condom Deal Is Officially The Biggest Ever Saving On Black Friday

Amazon were the big proponents of Black Friday in the UK, and now they've officially claimed the Gizmodo UK title for the Best Black Friday Deal of All Time. Read More >>

2018’s Winter Olympics Will Have More Condoms Than Ever

Less than two weeks from now, some of the world’s greatest athletes will descend upon South Korea for the Winter Olympics. Also descending upon the host city: a fuck-ton of condoms. Read More >>

This Giant Car Condom is the Easiest Way to Keep Your Vehicle Clean

If you avoid trips to the beach because you don’t want your car getting filled with sand, or won’t buy a real Christmas tree because you don’t want to spend weeks cleaning up pine needles, this giant car condom will keep the inside of your vehicle looking as clean and new as the day it rolled out of the salesroom. Read More >>

This Honeycomb Pattern Condom Feels Like an Overpriced Gimmick 

“What if, just one time, I chose differently,” Charlie Sheen said, addressing 100 or so people standing in a Manhattan warehouse space amid erotic dancers and a four-foot penis ice sculpture at the launch of the LELO HEX condom. If we’re to believe the lofty claims from “pleasure object” manufacturer LELO, the lowly condom has remained unchanged for nearly 70 years. The new HEX, with its honeycomb pattern, wants to be the cure-all for our sexual woes, an inspired revamp to make condoms safer and more appealing. Read More >>

How Australian Grass is Going to Make Condoms Better

Researchers at the University of Queensland have made a cool new discovery in the quest for better condoms. It turns out a component of spinifex, a coastal grass, could make condoms much, much thinner. Thinner is better. Read More >>

This Condom Alternative Pumps Your Ejaculate Straight Back Into Your Scrotum

It's 2016, and male contraception still ultimately boils down to condoms and vasectomies. Lack of pleasure and surgery. Let’s face it, they’re not exactly terrific options. Researchers are experimenting with pills and injections, but it’s likely to be a while before safe substances are made commercially available. Read More >>

Teens Create Condom That Changes Colour if it Detects STDs

A group of 13 and 14-year-old students (who should probably be thinking about pop music and t-shirts rather than sex, but that's the modern world for you) have come up with a high-concept tech condom, one that changes colour when it detects the presence of STD bacteria in... the person it's just been in and out of and in again. Read More >>

Remember When Jackie Chan Teamed Up With “Mr Condom” to Fight HIV?

"This guy is very strong, because no HIV and STD can pass through him," explains Jackie Chan, in a bizarre public information film that, judging by Chan's hair and skin status, comes from the late 1980s or early 1990s, and has Chan sharing the screen with a cartoon condom. Read More >>

Condom Cookbook Suggests Boiling Rice in a Jizz Bag

Japan, land of the diversionary odd thing, has surpassed itself with the publication of a condom cookbook. It's not suggesting you eat them, just use them as a cooking vessell. Which is only marginally less heinous an idea. Read More >>

Sandwich Bags and Cling Film are Actually Being Used by Brits as Emergency Contraceptives

A survey into the sex lives of a group of 25-34 year old women has thrown up some odd findings when it comes to contraceptives, with nearly a quarter of respondents saying they'd heard of things like rubber gloves and cling film being used as contraceptives. Read More >>

A Nanotech-Powered AIDS-Killing Condom is Closer than Ever

Correctly used, condoms do a damn good job of preventing STDs (and pregnancy!). But nobody's gonna say no to an improvement that ups those odds. Say, a condom coated in antiviral gel that kills up to 99.9 per cent of HIV, genital herpes, and human papillomavirus. Read More >>

Scientists are Making Condoms Out of the Same Material as Your Contacts

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently awarded a grant to an Australian research team trying to build a better condom. They're hardly the first to win such an award, but they have a novel approach. These polymer scientists are making condoms out of hydrogels, the same materials used in contact lenses. Read More >>