Smart Light Bulb Security Flaw Could Let Hackers Run Riot

Though we in tech-savvy circles have been talking about the Internet of Things for years now, connected device ecosystems are still a relatively young area, with security standards not universally acknowledged or even set. The Osram Lightify Smart Light Bulb system (seen as an affordable alternative to Philips Hue) is one such range that could potentially fall foul of a hack attack – it's been singled out as being particularly vulnerable to hackers. Read More >>

Your Move, Apple

It feels like we're back in 2001. It was a time when loads of companies were releasing myriad MP3 players, and they were all crap. Little did many people know that the iPod was just months away. Read More >>

This Roomba Maps Your House So it Won’t Keep Ramming Into Your Sofa

It’s not going to mow your lawn, but the freshly revealed, Wi-Fi-friendly Roomba 980 can be controlled by your smartphone, plus uses a camera and sensors to create a map of your home. Read More >>

HomeKit Will Let You Access Your Smart Home Via iCloud

Slowly but surely, Apple is been threatening to creep into the smart-home market. The company just took one more small step by announcing that it’s HomeKit software will give you access to connected home devices from anywhere in the world by using iCloud. And the software will finally work on a whole range of products. Read More >>

Ikea’s Building a Super Cheap and Versatile Smart Home System

Smart lighting systems like Philips Hue are futuristic and awesome and, typically, expensive. But Ikea wants to offer this type of technology to the masses. The Swedish flatpack furniture empire is developing an entire smart home system, and it looks futuristic and, you guessed it, cheap. Read More >>

Here’s How Nest Will Now Work With Your Dropcam

When Nest acquired Dropcam for $555 million (£334m) earlier this summer, it seemed like an obvious move: Nest has sensors aplenty, but no camera. We hadn't heard much about integration between the two companies, though, until today, when Nest announced exactly how the devices will work together. Read More >>

Samsung Wants to Control Your Smart Home Too

Re/Code's ever-reliable Kara Swisher is reporting that Samsung just bought the smart home startup SmartThings for $200 million (£120m). The news comes almost exactly one month after a rumour emerged that the Korean electronics company was making the move. But now that it's made, things could get interesting. Read More >>

LittleBits Now Lets You Build Your Own DIY Smart Home

We've known and loved littleBits for some time, and now, they just got a lot more useful with the introduction of cloudBit. CloudBit is a module, a.k.a. bit, that brings internet connectivity to anything. With the rest of the littleBit library, you can now effectively create your own internet of things, no fancy Google products necessary. Read More >>

Philips Hue First Impressions: Wi-Fi Lighting Plus Fun

So, remember when we said bulbs with wireless radios are the future of lighting? We weren't lying. Philips just upped the ante by making bulbs that can not only cast four gorgeous shades of white, but any colour you can imagine. Read More >>