DisplayPort 2.0 Is Finally Here, and This Is Why It Matters

You might not have heard much about DisplayPort, as the HDMI rival is limited mostly to high-end monitors, dedicated graphics cards, and other premium, professional tech. A new version of DisplayPort is upon us though—the standard’s biggest upgrade yet—and it could be enough to earn the technology a place in more devices in the future. Read More >>

Government Backs Away from 10Mbps Internet for All Guarantee

Business/digital/culture MP Ed Vaizey appears to be shuffling away from previous suggestions that there might be a 10Mbps guaranteed internet connection for everyone at some point in the UK's glorious digital future, using vague terms like "should" and "get nearer" when addressing a committee on the matter. Read More >>

These are the Fastest and Slowest Places in the UK for Broadband

New stats assembled from the speedtest data of aggrieved men claim to have identified the best and worst spots in the country for download speeds, revealing the hell holes where average broadband speeds barely trickle over the 1Mbps mark. Read More >>

10Mbps Internet for Everyone by 2020, Promises the Government

The new Universal Service Obligation will let everyone in the UK request a 10Mbps internet connection by the year 2020, as the government moves on from today's laughable 2Mbps speed commitment. Read More >>

WifiMapper Charts Which Doorways to Lurk in for the Best Free Wi-Fi

WifiMapper is a new launch from mobile connectivity watcher OpenSignal, a tool that claims to have sourced data covering 500 million global hotspots -- so you can always find a decent  free hotspot when out, about, and in need of your phone to look at. Read More >>

72 Per Cent of People Have a Wireless Internet Dongle/SIM of Some Sort

Stats into the adoption of wireless broadband across the 34-country group covered by the OECD show that 72.4 per cent of everyone has a wireless broadband connection of some sort, be it a mobile account or a data-only SIM for a tablet. Read More >>

Bluetooth is Getting an Intelligence Boost to Save Your Battery

Since Bluetooth was given an overhaul in 2010 with the 4.0 standard, it's surged in popularity, being used in everything from wireless speakers to smartwatches. Now, the connection is getting a shot in the arm—and it should help save your battery. Read More >>

London’s 4G Data Speeds Max Out at a Whopping 79.1Mb via EE

Stats covering the newly deployed 4G networks in London have given us a look at the highs and average speeds customers with posh new phones and contracts are experiencing, with EE winning the war with an astonishing peak download speed of 79.1Mb/sec. On a bloody telephone. Read More >>

EU Mobile Roaming Fees Less of a Rip-Off From Today

Today's the day the EU's latest bit of positive price fixing legislation kicks in, with new rules regarding how much the mobile networks can charge us for roaming while away from home coming online right now. Read More >>

Thunderbolt 2 Will Be in Products Later This Year

Intel has officially announced that the next generation of Thunderbolt, previously codenamed Falcon Ridge, will be called... wait for it... Thunderbolt 2. Lame name, sadly — but it still promises to be amazing. Read More >>

EE Adds 13 New Towns to 4G List, Claims Half the Population is Now Covered

Here's an interesting stat courtesy of EE. Around half of the UK's population lives in and around just 50 towns and cities. And they're all now able to pay a premium to access EE's 4G mobile service. Read More >>

UK Broadband
Broadband Slower Than Usual Last Night? The UK’s Average Connection Speed is Falling, That’s Why

Data on global internet connection speeds found that the UK lurched into a broadband recession at the end of 2011, with our average national broadband speed falling from 5.1Mbps to 4.0Mbps. Read More >>