In a Perfect World, Every USB Plug Would Also be a USB Port

If those nesting USB plugs look familiar, you've been reading Gizmodo for a long time. Back in 2010, the stackable USB plug wasn't much more than a big-spoon/little-spoon concept, but now it's almost real — by which we mean it's on Kickstarter. Read More >>

USB Type-C: I’ve Never Been So Excited About a Silly Little Port

The future of cables is finally coming and it's god damned fantastic. Welcome to USB Type-C. Read More >>

Imagine Owning a Magical Universal Converter Box Like This

These days, there's a connector for almost everything: if it's not MagSafe 2 it's that weird USB connector or RCA or who knows what else. Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a single converter box to interconnect them all? Read More >>

Apple Patents Slimline Combined SD and USB Slot

Apple's been imagining the things of the future again, with a newly-discovered patent showing it has plans to combine USB and SD card slots to save yet more space on the Macs of tomorrow. Read More >>

Thunderbolt 2 Will Be in Products Later This Year

Intel has officially announced that the next generation of Thunderbolt, previously codenamed Falcon Ridge, will be called... wait for it... Thunderbolt 2. Lame name, sadly — but it still promises to be amazing. Read More >>

Apple Binning 30-Pin Connector For Future Models?

According to a reports from Apple fan site iMore, the company is considering changing its omnipresent 30-pin dock for a newer, smaller option that would free up more internal space within its phones and tablets. Read More >>